Yamaha XSR700

Yamaha XSR700
Yamaha Xsr (199434917).jpeg
Yamaha XSR 700
"60th Anniversary" limited color design
ManufacturerMBK Industrie, Rouvroy, France
Parent companyYamaha
PredecessorYamaha XS 650
Engine2-cylinder liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, DOHC, intake manifold injection, catalyst
Bore / stroke80.0 mm (3.15 in) / 68.6 mm (2.70 in)
Compression ratio11.5 : 1
Top speed200 km/h (120 mph)
Power(55 kW (74 hp)) at 9,000 rpm
Torque68 N⋅m (50 lb⋅ft) at 6,500 rpm
Transmission6-speed sequential manual, chain-drive
Frame typeDiamond type
Wheelbase1,405 mm (55.3 in)
DimensionsL: 2,075 mm (81.7 in)
W: 820 mm (32 in)
H: 1,130 mm (44 in)
Seat height81.5 cm (32.1 in)
Weight186 kg (410 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity14 l (3.1 imp gal; 3.7 US gal)

The Yamaha XSR700 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha. The production takes place in the Yamaha-MBK plant in Rouvroy, France. The launch of the naked bike took place in March 2016.[1]

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