Shenzhou 14

Shenzhou 14
Rollout of Shenzhou 14 atop a Long March 2F
Mission typeTiangong space station crew transport
COSPAR ID2022-060A Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.52797
Mission duration182 days, 9 hours and 25 minutes
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeShenzhou
ManufacturerChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Crew size3
MembersChen Dong
Liu Yang
Cai Xuzhe
EVA duration15 hours 53 minutes
Start of mission
Launch date5 June 2022, 02:44:10 UTC[1]
RocketLong March 2F
Launch siteJiuquan, LA-4/SLS
ContractorChina Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
End of mission
Landing date4 December 2022, 12:09 UTC[2]
Landing siteInner Mongolia, China
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric orbit
RegimeLow Earth orbit
Docking with Tiangong space station
Docking portTianhe nadir
Docking date5 June 2022, 09:42 UTC
Undocking date4 December 2022, 03:01 UTC
Time docked181 days, 17 hours and 19 minutes

Shenzhou 14 mission patch

Cai Xuzhe, Chen Dong and Liu Yang 

Shenzhou 14 (Chinese: 神舟十四号; pinyin: Shénzhōu Shísì-hào; lit. 'Divine Boat Number 14') was a Chinese spaceflight to the Tiangong space station, launched on 5 June 2022. It carried three People's Liberation Army Astronaut Corps (PLAAC) taikonauts on board a Shenzhou spacecraft. The mission was the ninth crewed Chinese spaceflight and the fourteenth flight overall of the Shenzhou program.

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