Magnus Maximus

Magnus Maximus
Golden coin depicting man with diadem facing right
Solidus of Magnus Maximus
Roman emperor
Reign383 – 28 August 388, in the West
SuccessorTheodosius I
Bornc. 335
Hispania Gallaecia
Died28 August 388 (aged 53)
Aquileia, Venetia et Histria
SpouseElen (traditional)
ReligionNicene Christianity

Magnus Maximus (Latin: [ˈmaŋnus ˈmaksimus]; Welsh: Macsen Wledig [ˈmaksɛn ˈwlɛdɪɡ]; c. 335–28 August 388) was Roman emperor in the western portion of the Empire from 383 to 388. He usurped the throne from emperor Gratian in 383, through negotiation with emperor Theodosius I.

He was made emperor in Britannia and Gaul the next year while Gratian's brother Valentinian II retained Italy, Pannonia, Hispania, and Africa. In 387, Maximus's ambitions led him to invade Italy, resulting in his defeat by Theodosius I at the Battle of Poetovio in 388. In the view of some historians, his death marked the end of direct imperial presence in Northern Gaul and Britain.[1]

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