Template:R from married name

When used with the "Redirect category shell" (Rcat shell) template:

Template {{Redirect category shell}} may be used to add one or more rcat templates, along with their parameters and categories, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation page below.

When used by itself:

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  • Add this rcat to a redirect page (not a talk-page redirect) in the following manner:
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{Rcat shell|
{{R from married name}}
{{R printworthy}}

{{DEFAULTSORT:(surname, given name)}}
Note: "Surname" may be the married surname or the birth surname dependent upon circumstances – cf. Shirley Temple Black
Template {{Rcat shell}} is an alias for the Redirect category shell template, which may be used to add as many appropriate rcats as needed, usually from one to seven, along with their parameters, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation on its template page. This rcat may also tag a redirect individually:
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R from married name}}

{{DEFAULTSORT:(surname, given name)}}
This is in accord with instructions found at WP:REDCAT.
  • Use this rcat on all mainspace redirects from a person's married name to that person's more notable name when appropriate.


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