London Docklands

Coordinates: 51°30′18″N 0°01′05″W / 51.50500°N 0.01806°W / 51.50500; -0.01806

Modern Docklands, showing Canary Wharf
Map showing the London docks in 1882. The King George V Dock had not yet been built.
The West India Docks and the Millwall Dock on a map of the Isle of Dogs in 1899
A 2009 photo showing Canary Wharf with Millwall Dock on the Isle of Dogs
The O2 and Canary Wharf from the Royal Victoria Dock

London Docklands is the riverfront and former docks in London. It is located in inner east and southeast London, in the boroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Newham, and Greenwich. The docks were formerly part of the Port of London, at one time the world's largest port. After the docks closed, the area had become derelict and poverty-ridden by the 1980s. The Docklands' regeneration began later that decade; it has been redeveloped principally for commercial and residential use. The name "London Docklands" was used for the first time in a government report on redevelopment plans in 1971 and has since been almost universally adopted. The redevelopment created wealth, but also led to some conflict between the new and old communities in the area.