Gibson Nighthawk

Gibson Nighthawk
1993 Gibson Nighthawk ST3 (Craig418, July 2013).jpg
1993 Nighthawk ST3 in translucent amber.
Period1993–1998; 2009-present
Body typeSolid
Neck jointSet neck
BodyMahogany with a maple top
Pickup(s)Humbucker + mini-humbucker
Optional middle single-coil

The Gibson Nighthawk was a family of electric guitars manufactured by Gibson. Introduced in 1993, the Nighthawk represented a radical change from traditional Gibson designs. While its maple-capped mahogany body and set neck were reminiscent of the classic Gibson Les Paul, the Nighthawk incorporated a number of characteristics more commonly associated with Fender guitars. But the Nighthawk was not a commercial success; production of all models was discontinued in 1998 after only five years.

In July 2009, Gibson revived the Nighthawk with the Nighthawk 2009 limited edition. Current production models[1] include the Nighthawk Studio, the 20th Anniversary Nighthawk Standard, and the 2013 Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard.[2] Some of these newer models are faithful to the design of the original Nighthawk, but others are only cosmetically similar.

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