Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio c.jpg
ManufacturerGibson USA
Period1983 — present
Body typeSolid (chambered for weight relief) Lites had "Chromyte" Insert to replace some body wood weight with lighter balsa wood.
Neck jointSet neck
BodyMahogany (often with a maple top)
Swamp ash (rare)
NeckUsually Mahogany
Maple on some select models
FretboardUsually Rosewood
BridgeTune-o-matic with stopbar tailpiece
Pickup(s)Usually 2 humbuckers
498T & 490R & NSX on M-IIIP-90s
Colors available
Various sunbursts
Translucent Red,Translucent Blue, Translucent Amber, Wine Red, Ebony, Alpine White, etc.

The Gibson Les Paul Studio is a solid body electric guitar produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation since 1983.