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The Elysian

The Elysian
Elysian tower Cork.JPG
The Elysian tower, June 2009
General information
TypeOffice, residence
LocationEglinton Street, Cork, Ireland
Coordinates51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367Coordinates: 51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367
Antenna spire79 metres (259 ft)[4]
Roof71 metres (233 ft)[3]
Top floor68.2 metres (224 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count17[1][2] (plus two basement garages)

The Elysian is a mixed-use Celtic Tiger-era building at Eglinton Street in Cork, Ireland.[5] Construction of the building was completed in early September 2008.[6] When built it was the tallest building in the Republic of Ireland. Since the completion of Capital Dock in the Dublin Docklands in 2018, it has become the second tallest building in the Republic of Ireland.

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