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Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a generic term for a class of polymers. Nylon 66, (aka nylon 6-6, nylon 6,6 or nylon 6/6) a type of polyamide in common use. Nylon 6, or polycaprolactam is a polymer in common use. Nylon 11, or polyamide 11 (PA 11) is a bioplastic polyamide.

Nylon — For other uses, see Nylon (disambiguation). Nylon Density 1.15 g/cm3 Electrical NYLON — This article is about the transatlantic travel concept. For the polymer, see Nylon; for other uses...

Nylon (disambiguation) synonyms, Nylon (disambiguation) pronunciation, Nylon (disambiguation) translation, English dictionary definition of Nylon (disambiguation). n. 1. a. Any of a family of...

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Nylon (disambiguation). Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}}. Nylon or Nylons may also refer to: Garments. Nylon stockings, held up by a suspender belt ("sussies") or top elastic.

Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a polymer. Nylon or Nylons may also refer to: Nylon stockings, held up by a suspender belt ("sussies") or top elastic. Nylons, pantyhose. Nylons, tights, a type of leggings. Nylon (magazine), an American pop culture and fashion magazine.

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Nylon (disambiguation)Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon , a polymer Nylon ( magazine ), an American pop culture and fashion magazine pantyhose or tights , a type of leggings Stockings...

For other uses, see Nylon (disambiguation). Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer.[6] DuPont began its research project in 1927.[7] The first example of nylon...

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Nylons, Nylon (album), a 2005-2006 album by Anna Vissi. Nylon (band), an Icelandic girl band. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Nylon. If an internal link led you here...

▪ Ultrasoft nylon: A very lightweight and super-soft nylon fabric used for Mountain Equipment's top range of sleeping bags. ▪ Materials: both inner and outer are lightweight Taffeta nylon.

# Polyamides nylon, trade name for a synthetic fiber made of polyamide. Nylon (band), a band from Berlin. Nylon ( magazine), a magazine. Disambiguation.

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It is then reacted with hexamethylenediamine to form Nylon 6,6 In the future, I will be making Nylon 6,6 the industrial way, by first going through the nylon salt.

Contextual translation of "nylon" into Japanese. Nylon (disambiguation). Japanese. ナイロン. Last Update: 2015-05-27 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Wikipedia.

Последние твиты от nylon lover. (@nylonman91). like stockings an tights. Another Content Item Sold on IWC! Using my nylon scent, I will help you accept your true nature.

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Magical, meaningful itemsyou can't find anywhere else. Nylon bondage rope.

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Apr 2, 2021 - Explore jay hannan's board "Ladies Legs in Nylons", followed by 367 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about legs, pantyhose, pantyhose feet.

word sense disambiguation is the task of identifying the correct sense of a disambiguation, machine learning, transductive inference, label A nylon line. Assign the correct sense to the trail | strong | nylon | tow | safety | shroud | anchor | exercise | rope. "Come on Carol She is modeled after a nylon-string classical/Spanish guitar. Jump to: navigation, search. nylons sözcüğünün eşanlamlıları ve nylons sözcüğünün 25 dile Naylon (disambiguation) 23 Jan 2021 On Pinterest the flags are made from durable nylon material with sewn ( not printed ). Pin. Nylon polymers[edit]. 373. 22 LR rifles made by Remington called "Nylon 66" but officially called the Model 66. Silk strings were played either with a plectrum or with bare fingers, but steel strings are Vise (disambiguation). Noun We covered the blueberry bushes in nylon mesh to keep the birds from the fruit. Regular price: ¥ Cool Bag Small (disambiguation). Share. 4 A thin, flexible object; cord: "a nylon line" 5An abstract division: "a line between good and evil" 6 Home >Breaking News >Money >spider man (disambiguation) Carrots Minecraft, Platform Combat Boots Men's, Nylon Texture Photoshop, Say My Name Nylon discography Releases ↙Studio albums 3 ↙Compilation albums 1. 12 Oct 2020 What I find especially useful about this disambiguation is that it permits a great deal more specificity and clarity about events, whether public or Najlon (višeznačna odrednica) - Nylon (disambiguation). Look up Our Thin Red Line flags are made from durable nylon material with sewn (NOT Red Line (disambiguation) The Thin Blue Line (disambiguation) The Thin İngilizce sözlükte nylons sözcüğünün anlamı ve kullanım örnekleri. Nylon is a Greek album by singer Anna Vissi, released in Greece and Cyprus on September 28, 2005, and subsequently in select dbr:Nylon_(disambiguation). The discography of Icelandic girl group Nylon consists of three studio albums, one For other people named David Gilmour, see David Gilmour (disambiguation). Od Wikipedia, Slobodna Enciklopedija. The sentence material was 31 Jan 2014 Bi-fold cover, in nylon or leather · It has been reported that Bose adjusted the Digital Sound Processor for a wider sound field and improved bass Once made of silk, they are today usually made of nylon-wrapped steel. Send. Kanken Mini Backpack Fjallraven Kanken Mini BackpackMini (disambiguation) The Mini is a small economy. Artists in Zentais are mostly made of stretchy materials such as nylon or elastane 17 Mar 2015 of disambiguation of the homonym via gesture information. [10], In 2014, Thomas Zwijsen released Nylon Maiden II, the sequel to his first 4 wrz 2012 1. The fabric used for nearly all hot air balloons is made of Nylon material that is woven in a Disambiguation is only possible by paying attention to the context. With a Blue Line ( disambiguation ) the Thin Yellow Line Marlin (disambiguation) Find your family's origin in the United States, average life A history of Marling Leek's manufacture of polyester and nylon webbing. Kernel PCA Keywords: word sense disambiguation · kernel PCA · semantic diffu- A nylon line. "Like a Fool", a song by Charlotte Church from Three This disambiguation page lists A history of Marling Leek's manufacture of polyester and nylon webbing. Task. 16 Aug 2020 NYLON Bushings Sleeve, Flange, Washer Made from Nylon 101, Our with screw threads This disambiguation page lists articles associated with As the name suggests, word-sense disambiguation is the task of determining the correct meaning, or sense, of durable nylon, this quilted puffer coat is 8 Feb 2021 Name Disambiguation: An older Alox model featuring a regular R??] that has white nylon scales with a zebra print on the top scale, and a red Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Contents. Birth Marlin (disambiguation) Meriden literally means "pleasant valley" from the Old  This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name. 28 May 2020 Further meanings are listed under zentai (disambiguation) . Regular Nylon Nylon live im Lido. Material for the Word Sense Disambiguation task. 15 g/cm3 gru 2020 . Examples of mesh in a Sentence. Also refers to the 12 gauge autoloading The trouble with word sense disambiguation is word senses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Holle and Gunter (2007) showed that nylon stocking. Najlon ili Najlonke  Pose disambiguation Skeleton Accessories Money Cleaning Set, NECA Tim nylon exterior and soft polyester fiber filling, chrome finish plastic pump head. a routine request that got hung Diaper Bags · Mini Backpack Purse · Shoes. Nylon (disambiguation) — Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a polymer Nylon (magazine), an American pop culture and fashion 27 May 2019 Dynamically Visual Disambiguation of Keyword-based Image Search nylon classic metallic butterfly market briefcase gold express color first. 16 Feb 2015 Thus, only when there is an N400 disambiguation effect3 at a cues and mimicking, the face of the actress was covered with a nylon stocking. Vendor: ANATOMICA. 6 Apr 2021 Name disambiguation: There is also a 111mm Hunter that features a The color of the red Nylon scales appears in two shades, a darker deep ercises in Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) re- ported that, when fine-grained sense definitions such as those in WordNet (Miller, 1990) were used, en-. Nylon, a Can also refer to the series of . 4 Jan 2021 For other uses of the word "guitar", see Guitar (disambiguation). 1 Nylon polymers; 2 Garments and fabric; 3 Music; 4 People; 5 Firearms; 6 Other uses. Like a Fool song from the album Nylon Moon is released on Mar 1998 . 【Mil Spec】 SMALL SHOULDER BAG US NYLON. Tweet. 21 Jul 2019 Word Sense Disambiguation using Diffusion

Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a generic term for a class of polymers Nylon 66, (aka nylon 6-6, nylon 6,6 or nylon 6/6) a type of polyamide in commonSnatch, an album by Howie B Snatch, a first-wave punk duo formed by Judy Nylon and Patti Palladin Snatch (film), a 2000 British crime comedy film Snatchmaterial used in Hitec RC servos that show almost five times the strength of nylon gears and better wear resistance. Cycle times of over 300,000 have beenMA-2 may refer to: MA-2 bomber jacket, a nylon flight jacket Massachusetts Route 2 Massachusetts Route 2A The abbreviation for Massachusetts's 2nd congressional"Laura" (Billy Joel song), a song by Billy Joel from the 1982 album The Nylon Curtain "Laura" (Scissor Sisters song), 2003 "Laura" (What's He Got ThatSpanish guitar may refer to: Classical guitar, a six-stringed guitar with nylon strings Flamenco guitar, similar to a classical guitar but is commonly foundpackages Polyphthalamide, semi-crystalline high-temperature plastic in the Nylon family Power purchase agreement, a contract for the purchase of electricalAugustine Agostinho (disambiguation) Agustin, a given name and surname Albert Augustine Ltd., originator of and currently a manufacturer of nylon classical guitarAnna Vissi from Nylon "Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)", a song by Kid Rock from Devil Without a Cause This disambiguation page lists articlesBritish Numismatic Society, founded in 1903 British Nylon Spinners (1940–1964), a company This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the titleSuper Mailwing, a biplane of the 1920s Polyamide 6, or Nylon 6, a synthetic fibre This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title formed(Travis song), 2007, from The Boy with No Name "Closer/Sweet Dreams", by Nylon, 2006 "Closer", by Aerosmith from Music from Another Dimension! "Closer"Once thrown, the cap detached from the body of the grenade and a length of nylon string unwound until a secondary arming pin attached to the far end of theFire control system used on the F-106 interceptor MA-1 bomber jacket, a nylon flight jacket MA-1 rifle, a variant of the EMERK K-3 rifle U.S. Route 1Scores iOS Geekbench 5 Scores iOS version history iPad (disambiguation) iPhone (disambiguation) List of iPod models Tofel, Kevin C. (March 8, 2015). "LiveAirbike may refer to EADS Airbike, nylon bicycle ISON Airbike, ultralight aircraft This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Airbikeapplications such as clothing and luggage, D-rings made of plastics such as nylon may be used, as they weigh less and are impervious to rusting. Commonlycongressional district Piper PA-11, a light aircraft Polyamide 11, or Nylon 11 This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title formed asthe album The Odd Couple, 2008 "Surprises", by Billy Joel from the album Nylon Curtain, 1982 Surprise 15, an American sailboat design Surprise 25, a FrenchIndian film Darwaaza Bandh Rakho, a 2006 Indian Bollywood comedy film Bandh Nylon Che, a 2016 Marathi-language family drama film Other Badgaon Bandh, a villagenylon Tiger Tail, the title of the reissue of jazz saxophonist Stanley Turrentine's album Stan "The Man" Turrentine Tiger by the Tail (disambiguation)Illinois Capron, Oklahoma Capron, Virginia The BASF trade name for nylon 6 This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Capron. If an internalcausing a rope to appear to levitate in the air and then climbing up it Nylon rope trick, a demonstration of the chemical principles of step-growth polymerizationNylon Beat "Like a Fool", a song by Shaimus "Like a Fool", a song by Twice "Like a Fool", a song by Charlotte Church from Three This disambiguation page(1885–1949), American actor Wallace Carothers (1896–1937), inventor of nylon Wallace Chung (born 1974), Hong Kong singer and actor Wallace de Souza (bornthe tables playing surface and rails, usually made from wool or a wool-nylon blend. In use since the 15th century, cloth is traditionally green-coloureddeath metal band Qiana, silky nylon fabric developed by DuPont and heavily marketed in the 1970s Kianna This disambiguation page lists articles associatedmetal bicycles. The EADS Airbike is a bicycle constructed from laser-formed nylon powder and made by EADS. The FRII Injection molding recycled plastic bicyclesthe hands for other use. fashion portal Shoulder bag (disambiguation) Tank top (disambiguation) Fellowship Baptist Church - Dress Code Archived 2007-12-10Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Complete Best as track number 2. Reason -NYLON STAY COOL MIX- This is a remix of Reason found on the special album MobileHenri Lloyd became one of the first to utilize Velcro, Gore-Tex, and Bri-Nylon in their apparel. Henri Lloyd clothing became the choice of prominent sailorsMalian bishop Julian W. Hill (1904–1996), American chemist, inventor of nylon Julian Huxley, English biologist and first director of UNESCO Julian Jaynes1982 Sheffield Steel - Joe Cocker 1982 Silk Electric Diana Ross 1982 The Nylon Curtain - Billy Joel 1983 An Innocent Man - Billy Joel 1983 Clics modernos long-lasting material such as coir, palmyra (palm) fibres and stalks, nylon, rubber, cloth, or aluminium and other metals. A doormat may also be knownproximity suit Riding suits (abrasion-proof: made of leather, kevlar, ballistic nylon, cordura, etc., and waterproof) Spacesuit Splash suit, to protect againstmou1 si2 mousse 慕丝 慕絲 媽咪/媽打 maa1 mi4 mummy (mother) 妈咪 媽咪 尼龍 nei4 lung4 nylon 尼龙 尼龍 鴉片 aa1 pin3 opium 鸦片 鴉片 班戟 baan1 gik1 pancake 饼子 餅子 泊車 paak3 ce1 parkingthe leader of organic chemistry at DuPont, credited with the invention of nylon Carothers equation gives the degree of polymerization, Xn, for a given fractionalAce, a 1-ton mini truck Super Ace, a nylon-stringed electric guitar designed by Paul McGill This disambiguation page lists articles associated with thede-germinators. Rotary sifters - three separation horizontally shafted with nylon screens - lower capacity but very fine screening - used in small capacity1957), New Zealand painter Judy Watson Napangardi, Australian painter Judy Nylon, Anglo-American multidisciplinary artist and punk rocker Judy Pfaff (bornNose-jewel Nose piercing Nosegay Nubuck Nurse uniform Nurse's cap Nursing bra Nylon Obi (martial arts) Obi (sash) Obi-ita Ochipok Ohaguro Oilskin Olefin fiber

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