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Wood drying

Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product...

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Fire hardening

Fire hardening, also known as "fire-danubing", is the process of removing moisture from wood, changing its structure and material properties, by charring...

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Stamped concrete

produced by adding a color hardener to the concrete. Color hardener is a powder pigment used to dye the concrete. The color hardener can be applied using one...

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co-reactant (hardener) to use when curing epoxy resins. Epoxies are typically cured with stoichiometric or near-stoichiometric quantities of hardener to achieve...

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J-B Weld

contained in 2 separate tubes: the "steel" (black tube of resin) and the "hardener" (red tube). Equal amounts are squeezed from both tubes and mixed. For...

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Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden

von Harden (German: Bildnis der Journalistin Sylvia von Harden) is a painting by German painter Otto Dix, from 1926. The painting was made in wood with...

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Phenol formaldehyde resin

thermoplastic and require a curing agent or hardener to form a thermoset. Hexamethylenetetramine is a hardener added to crosslink novolac. At a temperature...

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shaping wood or other material. Typically a hand tool, it consists of a generally tapered rectangular, round, or half-round sectioned bar of case hardened steel...

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Powder coating

isocyanurate (TGIC) in a ratio of 93/7 and β-hydroxy alkylamide (HAA) hardener in 95/5 ratio for outdoor applications.  When the powder is baked, it reacts...

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Differential heat treatment

treatment or local heat treatment) is a technique used during heat treating to harden or soften certain areas of a steel object, creating a difference in hardness...

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Harden Beck

Bridge where it becomes Hallas Beck. On entering Goit Stock Wood, the course becomes Harden Beck at the confluence of Cow House Beck and Hallas Beck. Form...

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Linseed oil

impregnator, drying oil finish or varnish in wood finishing, as a pigment binder in oil paints, as a plasticizer and hardener in putty, and in the manufacture of...

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Heat treating

the desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat treatment techniques include annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening...

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Fatwood, also known as "fat lighter", "lighter wood", "rich lighter", "pine knot", "lighter knot", "heart pine" or "lighter'd" [sic], is derived from the...

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Glass-filled polymer

others are chemically cured and are mixed with a catalyst (polyester) or hardener (epoxy) before moulding. Compared to the native polymer, glass-filled materials...

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Harden Furniture

http://www.romesentinel.com/news?newsid=20100309-141229 Wood & Wood Product Magazine - Harden's Proof is in the Finish http://www.allbusiness...

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Wood flooring

wood product. Acrylic-impregnated wood flooring uses a layer of wood that is impregnated with liquid acrylic then hardened using a proprietary process. It...

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Particle board

Particle board, also known as chipboard, is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips or jute-stick chips and a synthetic resin or other...

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Tung oil

Tung oil or China wood oil is a drying oil obtained by pressing the seed from the nut of the tung tree (Vernicia fordii). Tung oil hardens upon exposure to...

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Dry rot treatment

cellular structure of the wood whereby the boron is deposited, and it is this process which can to varying extents harden the dry rot, depending on the...

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Wood drying

Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried timber or lumber, whereas air drying is the more traditional method. There are two main reasons for drying wood: Woodworking When wood is used as a construction material, whether as a structural support in a building or in woodworking objects, it will absorb or expel moisture until it is in equilibrium with its surroundings. Equilibration (usually drying) causes unequal shrinkage in the wood, and can cause damage to the wood if equilibration occurs too rapidly. The equilibration must be controlled to prevent damage to the wood. Wood burning When wood is burned (firewood), it is usually best to dry it first. Damage from shrinkage is not a problem here, as it may be in the case of drying for woodworking purposes. Moisture affects the burning process, with unburnt hydrocarbons going up the chimney. If a 50% wet log is burnt at high temperature, with good heat extraction from the exhaust gas leading to a 100 °C exhaust temperature, about 5% of the energy of the log is wasted through evaporating and heating the water vapour. With condensers, the efficiency can be further increased; but, for the normal stove, the key to burning wet wood is to burn it very hot, perhaps starting fire with dry wood. For some purposes, wood is not dried at all, and is used green. Often, wood must be in equilibrium with the air outside, as for construction wood, or the air indoors, as for wooden furniture. Wood is air-dried or dried in a purpose built oven (kiln). Usually the wood is sawn before drying, but sometimes the log is dried whole. Case hardening describes lumber or timber that has been dried too rapidly. Wood initially dries from the shell (surface), shrinking the shell and putting the core under compression. When this shell is at a low moisture content it will 'set' and resist shrinkage. The core of the wood is still at a higher moisture content. This core will then begin to dry and shrink. However, any shrinkage is resisted by the already 'set' shell. This leads to reversed stresses; compression stresses on the shell and tension stresses in the core. This results in unrelieved stress called case hardening. Case-hardened [wood] may warp considerably and dangerously when the stress is released by sawing.

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