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1932 Winter Olympics

States; Lake Placid hosted again in 1980. The games were awarded to Lake Placid in part by the efforts of Godfrey Dewey, head of the Lake Placid Club and...

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Lake Placid Stakes

The Lake Placid Stakes is a Grade II American Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-old fillies over a distance of one and one-eighths miles on the turf...

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Northville–Placid Trail

The Northville–Lake Placid Trail, also known as the NPT, is a lightly travelled foot trail that runs 138 miles (214 km) through the Adirondack Park in...

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Lake Waiau

usually rather placid. It usually freezes in winter, but aquatic insects such as midges and beetles can be found breeding in the water. Lake Waiau is located...

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John A. Roebling II

father's death in 1926. He acquired 1,050 acres (420 ha) of land in Lake Placid, Florida in the late 1920s, which became the site of the Red Hill Estate...

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Adirondack Mountains

to glaciation. There are more than 200 lakes around the mountains, including Lake George, Lake Placid, and Lake Tear of the Clouds, which is the source...

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FIL World Luge Championships

Austria 1979: Königssee, West Germany 1981: Hammarstrand, Sweden 1983: Lake Placid, United States 1985: Oberhof, East Germany 1987: Innsbruck, Austria 1989:...

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Wendy Bergen

the University of Utah. She began her television career as a weather reporter in Lake Placid, New York. In 1983, Bergen joined KCNC-TV and became a star...

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North Pole, New York

3°N 74°W / 44.3; -74 near Whiteface Mountain, 12 miles (19 km) from Lake Placid and approximately 30 miles (48 km) from Plattsburgh. Fitting with the...

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List of 1932 Winter Olympics medal winners

the III Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event held in Lake Placid, New York, United States, from February 4 to February 15, 1932. A total...

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Saranac Lake, New York

(14 km) west of Lake Placid. These two villages, along with nearby Tupper Lake, comprise what is known as the Tri-Lakes region. Saranac Lake was named in...

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Harry James Angus

producer and film composer Jan Skubiszewski (Two Hands, The Rage in Placid Lake, Last Man Standing). "Jackson Jackson and the New Apocalypso Beat" features...

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Steven Holcomb

Tomasevicz has won gold in the 4-man at Lake Placid & Cesana (Torino 2006 Olympic track) and silver in the 4-Man at Lake Placid and bronze in Cesana. Holcomb won...

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Adirondack Regional Airport

subsidized essential air service (EAS) at Plattsburgh and Saranac Lake/Lake Placid, New York, at an annual subsidy rate of $1,706,755 for the two-year...

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Fender Mustang

Originally, finish colours included Fiesta Red, Sonic Blue and Dark Lake Placid Blue with Competition Stripe, however, by 2015, the Kurt Cobain Mustang...

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Post Impact

satellite to Europe and executes her father's program to "kickstart the weather," causing SolStar-2 to use up its last energy reserves to release a massive...

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Calgary developer Lake Placid has proposed a 200 million dollar mega hotel/condo project to be built on the site although Lake Placid had difficulty securing...

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Winter Olympic Games

Retrieved 18 March 2009. "LAKE PLACID 1980 - USA ice hockey team". International Olympic Committee. Retrieved 21 February 2014. "LAKE PLACID 1980 - Photo - Finland...

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2014–15 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup

January 2015. "Men's Aerials - Lake Placid, USA" (PDF). International Ski Federation. 30 January 2015. "Men's Aerials - Lake Placid, USA" (PDF). International...

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1893, and Medicine Lake on July 5, 1937. Throughout the state, summer nights are generally cool and pleasant. Extreme hot weather is less common above...

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1932 Winter Olympics

The 1932 Winter Olympics, officially known as the III Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event in the United States, held in Lake Placid, New York. The games opened on February 4 and closed on February 15. It was the first of four Winter Olympics held in the United States; Lake Placid hosted again in 1980. The games were awarded to Lake Placid in part by the efforts of Godfrey Dewey, head of the Lake Placid Club and son of Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey Decimal System. California also had a bid for the 1932 Winter Games. William May Garland, president of the California X Olympiad Association, wanted the games to take place in Wrightwood and Big Pines, California. The world's largest ski jump at the time was constructed in Big Pines for the event, but the games were ultimately awarded to Lake Placid.

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