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Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa has evolved considerably. After the fall of the Roman Republic, villas became small farming compounds, which...

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The Villas

The Villas, Stoke-on-Trent, is an estate of 24 Victorian houses in Stoke-upon-Trent, England. Originally a distinct settlement set in green fields, it...

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Dalian Atkinson

of the opposition penalty area, produced a delicately arched chip-shot that floated over the rushing goalkeeper. Atkinson also had the distinction of...

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Lydia Villa-Komaroff

Meet Lydia Villa-Komaroff 2013 Women of Distinction". American Association of University Women. aauw.org. Retrieved 7 Nov 2014. Lydia Villa-Komaroff. Independence...

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Andrea Palladio

also gave variety to the facade. When he designed his rustic villas and suburban villas, he paid particular attention to the site, integrating them as...

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List of heritage sites in Free State

This is a list of the heritage sites in Free State in South Africa as recognized by the South African Heritage Resource Agency....

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Andy Blair (footballer)

against Luton Town, he achieved the unusual distinction of being the first player to ever score a hat-trick of penalties in the League Cup. He also appeared...

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issued the decree by which it granted the Yucuaiquin Town the title of Villa, a distinction conferred upon them for having "acquired considerable development...

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Palace (hotel)

reopened in 2003 as 12 villas with 51 rooms. Finally, under the leadership of the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, now a member of the juries, the establishment...

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Palladian architecture

always designed his villas with reference to their setting. If on a hill, such as Villa Capra, facades were frequently designed to be of equal value so that...

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Predestination (film)

reconstruction as he suffers from symptoms of psychosis, it is revealed that he has been trying to prevent the attack of the so-called "Fizzle Bomber" in New...

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Villa Foscari in the countryside. Somewhat confusingly there are multiple Villas Pisani, including two by Palladio. There are these sorts of villas all...

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Polish football clubs in European competitions

Widzew Łódź in 1982–83 season. Moreover, Górnik Zabrze reached the final of 1969–70 European Cup Winners' Cup as did Ruch Chorzów in 1998 UEFA Intertoto...

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The Leading Hotels of the World

– Paris, France Hotel Königshof – Munich, Germany Mandola Rosa Suites & Villas – Peloponnese, Greece Amphitryon Hotel – Nafplio, Greece Taj Mahal Palace...

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List of jōyō kanji

the user environment, it may not be possible to see the distinction between old and new forms of the characters. In particular, all Unicode normalization...

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in the Latium region of Italy. Tusculum was most famous in Roman times for the many great and luxurious patrician country villas sited close to the city...

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in 1933 the name Vo' was made definitive. One of its most famous villas is the Ca' Morosini. The villa, which goes back to at least 1300 and was once...

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Estonian and Sami also have a three-way distinction in consonants, e.g. lina "bed sheet", linna (half-long 'n') "of the city", linna (over-long 'n') "to...

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The Dig (2021 film)

rivets from a ship, suggesting that it is the burial site of someone of tremendous distinction, such as a king. Prominent local archaeologist James Reid...

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List of municipalities in California

San Francisco, is a consolidated city-county. California law makes no distinction between "city" and "town", and municipalities may use either term in...

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A villa is a type of house that was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Since its origins in the Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa has evolved considerably. After the fall of the Roman Republic, villas became small farming compounds, which were increasingly fortified in Late Antiquity, sometimes transferred to the Church for reuse as a monastery. Then they gradually re-evolved through the Middle Ages into elegant upper-class country homes. In modern parlance, "villa" can refer to various types and sizes of residences, ranging from the suburban semi-detached double villa to residences in the wildland–urban interface.

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