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Trixie Minx

Goldwyn - Prospect New Orleans Lena Herzog - 2009 Trey McIntyre - 2015 Trashy Diva brand ambassador - 2013 to present "Trixie Minx". 2010-04-05. Retrieved...

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Holly's World

then-new E! president Bonnie Hammer vowed to "get rid of the more Playboy trashy element" from the network - a goal that was ultimately achieved as Kendra...

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Natalie Desselle-Reid

53". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Maslin, Janet (March 28, 1997). "Trashy Chic Goes West And Finds Rodeo Drive". The New York Times. McCaskill, Jasmine...

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Jacqueline Fernandez

Abraham and Deepika Padukone), described as the "cinematic equivalent of a trashy novel" by critic Rajeev Masand. She played Omisha, a femme fatale, a role...

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (season 5)

and Shea play two fired reality personalities because they are too much trashy or fake. Then Jujubee and Blair play the parts of an overprotective mom...

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Bernadette Peters

of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil rock tunes in which she sounds slightly trashy and out of her depth. The Peter Allen songs on side two are really more...

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Uhm Ji-won

Thriller MASTER Goes into Production". Korean Film Biz Zone. 10 May 2016. "Trashy tabloid reporter turns hero in SBS TV's 'Distorted'". Yonhap News Agency...

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Valley of the Dolls (film)

a theatrical agency which represents Helen Lawson, a cutthroat Broadway diva. Helen fears newcomer Neely O'Hara will upstage her, so she has Anne's boss...

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AVN Awards

(f) Richard Pacheco – Irresistible Eric Edwards – X Factor Harry Reems – Trashy Lady Mike Horner – Sexually Altered States John Leslie – Firestorm II Robert...

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Charlie's Angels

their clothing was a means of attracting viewers. "Jiggle TV" is seen as trashy and escapist entertainment. Farrah Fawcett once attributed the TV show's...

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The Girls Next Door

then-new E! president Bonnie Hammer vowed to "get rid of the more Playboy trashy element" from the network - a goal that was ultimately achieved as Kendra...

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Bloody Pit of Horror

reception for the film has been mostly negative, with some critics calling it "trashy". In his analysis of the film, Roberto Curti noted its derivation from fotoromanzi...

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36th AVN Awards

Forgotten Paparazzi The Seduction of Heid Talk Derby to Me A Trailer Park Taboo Trashy Love Story The Voyeur 2 Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene...

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The Royals (TV series)

Nancy Dewolf Smith of The Wall Street Journal described The Royals as "a trashy soap opera that's not bad enough to be funny and is best when it wallows...

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That's So Raven

Cabonna is a world-renowned fashion designer, and Raven's arrogant, snooty, trashy boss. Her name is a parody of real-life designers Donna Karan and Dolce...

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Las Vegas (TV series)

Costa Times called Las Vegas a guilty pleasure and wrote, "Flashy, often trashy and slickly produced, the drama may be fluff, but it's good, sexy fluff...

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Kendra (TV series)

Bonnie Hammer in July 2011, where she vowed to "get rid of the more Playboy trashy element" from the network while the final season was completing production...

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The Beautiful Life

review, stating "It may lack Melrose Place's flashy production values and trashy pedigree, but it makes up for that by being marginally better written, though...

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Alexis Colby

against the Colbys, she tells him that he is actually a Carrington. In "Trashy Little Tramp", Steven finds his long-lost older brother Adam, now known...

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The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House

then-new E! president Bonnie Hammer vowed to "get rid of the more Playboy trashy element" from the network, which resulted in The Bunny House never being...

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Trixie Minx

Trixie Minx is a burlesque dancer, producer, healthcare advocate, and cultural ambassador based in New Orleans, LA. As a performer she is best known for her unique style of striptease combining comedy with classic burlesque. She is recognized for her collaborations with musicians and charitable organizations (such as Comic Relief, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The New Orleans Bingo! Show, Ascona Jazz Festival, & New Orleans Musicians' Clinic) as well as her devotion to preservation & growth of New Orleans arts and culture. She produces multiple New Orleans based circus art and burlesque shows and designs custom entertainment for both public and private events.

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