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"torchière", "torchièr", "torchiere" and "torchier" with various interpretative pronunciations), also known as a torch lamp or floor lamp, is a lamp with...

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Lamps Plus

patents for lighting design, including a torchiere floor lamp design with two adjustable side lights and a lamp having a low light level replaceable bulb...

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Light fixture

RAMUN or Luxo L1. Gooseneck (fixture) Nightlight Floor Lamp Torch lamp or torchières are floor lamps with an upward-facing shade. They provide general...

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3-way lamp

would be typical in a 3-way floor-standing torchiere lamp. A keyed 3-way socket has the switch incorporated in the lamp socket and requires no external...

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Edgar Brandt

60 mm mortar Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1 Alabaster and Iron Torchiere Floor Lamp Edgar Brandt biography, books, auction results, etc... Kahr, Joan...

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Gas lighting

the usual time, and, in 1690, an order was issued to hang out a light, or lamp, every night as soon as it was dark, from Michaelmas to Christmas. By an...

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Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building

stair railings, grillwork, and door trim are aluminum, as are Art Deco torchieres, doors for the building's 25 elevators, and more than 10,000 light fixtures...

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Kurskaya (Koltsevaya line)

compensated by small details such as Torchiere (now removed) in the arbour which light the granite stairwell and hidden lamps in the niches of the vault, which...

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List of Ikke gjør dette hjemme episodes

Converting a car to a convertible using theremite. Launching a rocket with a torchiere lamp attached. Fun with hydrogen gas. Brewing beer in the storage water heater...

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