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Tims Ford State Park

Tims Ford State Park, also known as Tims Ford State Rustic Park, is a state park in Franklin County, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The 2,200-acre (8...

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Tims Ford Lake

600 acre-feet. The water level in Tims Ford Reservoir varies about 15 feet in a normal year. Tims Ford State Park TVA website. Accessed: 2 May 2016....

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Winchester, Tennessee

now known for excellent boating and bass fishing opportunities. Tims Ford State Park is located along the lake's shoreline. The city hosts an annual Dogwood...

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Tennessee State Route 476

Winchester. It was created as an access road to Tims Ford Lake, which it crosses twice, and Tims Ford State Park. The route is located entirely in Franklin...

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Dry county

"Lynchburg, Moore County High School Raiders, Tennessee, Christmas, Tims Ford State Park, Lake, Motlow Bucks, Jack Daniels, Sign Dept". www.themoorecountynews...

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List of Tennessee state parks and natural areas

This is a list of state parks and natural areas in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Tennessee has 56 designated state parks, operated by the Tennessee Department...

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Franklin County, Tennessee

Management Area South Cumberland State Park (part) Tims Ford State Park Walls of Jericho State Natural Area Tims Ford Lake Woods Reservoir As of the 2020...

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Tennessee State Route 130

through farmland. It intersects SR 476 before running along the banks of Tims Ford Lake for several miles. It passes through the community of Winchester...

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Betty Ford

Elizabeth Anne Ford (née Bloomer; formerly Warren; April 8, 1918 – July 8, 2011) was the first lady of the United States from 1974 to 1977, as the wife...

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Ford Motor Company

class, to which Ford contributed by, for instance, introducing the first moving assembly line in 1913 at the Ford factory in Highland Park.[citation needed]...

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List of nature centers in Tennessee

is a list of nature centers and environmental education centers in the state of Tennessee. To use the sortable tables: click on the icons at the top...

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U.S. Route 41 Alternate (Tennessee–Kentucky)

and Winchester. At Winchester, US 41A turns northwestward, bypassing Tims Ford Lake, Woods Reservoir, and Arnold Engineering Development Center before...

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List of state routes in Tennessee

The Tennessee state routes do not follow a systematic numbering system unlike the U.S. Highway System and some other states' highway systems. The routes...

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Ford GT

The Ford GT is a mid-engine two-seater sports car manufactured and marketed by American automobile manufacturer Ford for the 2005 model year in conjunction...

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Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola (/ˈkoʊpələ/; Italian: [ˈkɔppola]; born April 7, 1939) is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is considered one...

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Doug Ford

Douglas Robert Ford Jr. MPP (listen; born November 20, 1964) is a Canadian businessman and politician who has served as the 26th and current premier of...

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Ford Field

Ford Field is a domed American football stadium located in Downtown Detroit. It primarily serves as the home of the Detroit Lions of the National Football...

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Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is a compact crossover SUV (C-segment) manufactured by Ford since 2008 mainly for the European market, and now in its third generation....

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Ford Modular engine

The Ford Modular engine is Ford Motor Company's overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 gasoline-powered small block engine family. Despite popular belief...

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Fall Creek Falls State Park

Falls State Resort Park is a state park in Van Buren and Bledsoe counties, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The over 26,000-acre (110 km2) park is centered...

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Tims Ford State Park

Tims Ford State Park, also known as Tims Ford State Rustic Park, is a state park in Franklin County, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The 2,200-acre (8.9 km2) state park is situated on the north shore of Tims Ford Lake near the north escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, about ten miles from the city of Winchester.

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