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List of chairs

used in offices, often on casters Tantra Chair, for practicing the Kama Sutra Tarachair, high-legged wooden chair designed to encourage raised conversation...

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Ben Wa balls

performance.[citation needed] Practitioners of such spiritual traditions as Tantra and Chinese Taoism believe that Ben Wa Balls are helpful tools to exercise...

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Guhyeshwari Temple

the Kali tantra, Chandi tantra, and Shiva tantra Rahasya and is regarded as one of the most important places for gaining the power of tantra. The Vishwasorup...

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Editors 2012. Iyengar 1979, p. 251—252. Inhabitants of the Worlds Mahanirvana Tantra, translated by Arthur Avalon, (Sir John Woodroffe), 1913, Introduction and...

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List of Hindi horror shows

love story with a supernatural twist. Jaasvand Entertainments Pvt. Ltd Tantra 'Tantra' tells the tale of a family who has fallen prey to the clutches of incantation...

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Swami Vivekananda

Kessinger Publishing. ISBN 978-0-7661-8013-0. Urban, Hugh B. (1 January 2007). Tantra: Sex, Secrecy, Politics and Power in the Study of Religion. Motilal Banarsidass...

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Masturbation Technique for Men and Women" Woods, Margo. "Masturbation, Tantra and Self-love" (PDF). Retrieved 27 August 2014. Saleh, Naveed (16 October...

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Jacob P. Dalton

University and a researcher at the British Library. Dalton's research focuses on Tantra in Tibet during the 11th century as it can be studied using the cache of...

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Emanuel Swedenborg

name was changed from Swedberg to Swedenborg. In 1724, he was offered the chair of mathematics at Uppsala University, but he declined and said that he had...

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Angkor Wat

Angkor Group. Retrieved 14 July 2005. University of Heidelberg, Germany, Chair of Global Art History, Project (Michael Falser): Heritage as a Transcultural...

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Shaman Hatley

South Asian Cults of the Mother Goddesses", Transformations and Transfer of Tantra in Asia and Beyond, ed. by István Keul (Walter de Gruyter) 2013: "What is...

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Be Here Now (book)

journeys in India. The cover features a mandala incorporating the title, a chair, radial lines, and the word "Remember" repeated four times. The book is...

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Orzech; Henrik Sørensen; Richard Payne (2011). Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia. BRILL Academic. pp. 985–996. ISBN 978-90-04-18491-6. Banerji...

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ISBN 978-0-19-513234-2 Cort, John E (2001b), White, David Gordon (ed.), Tantra in Practice, Motilal Banarsidass, ISBN 978-81-208-1778-4 Cort, John E. (2010)...

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it contains a rare collection of American vintage cars, bejewelled sedan chairs, an impressive weaponry hall, and a rare astrological clock. In addition...

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Sathya Sai Baba

stool both fell on him. After that he gave darshana from a car or his porte chair. After 2004, Sai Baba used a wheelchair and began to make fewer public appearances...

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Robert Thurman

University, before retiring in June 2019. "Robert Thurman held the first endowed chair in Buddhist Studies in the West." He also is the co-founder and president...

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their numerous Samhita, 108 Upanishad, 18 Purāna, Mahabharata, several Tantra texts. The entire Vedic Philosophy is divided into six systems: Nyaya: The...

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Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

of Philosophy at the University of Mysore (1918–1921); the King George V Chair of Mental and Moral Science at the University of Calcutta (1921–1932) and...

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time was a mixture of the Mahayana practised in Nalanda and Vajrayana, a Tantra-influenced version of Mahayanist philosophy. Nalanda was prized and cherished...

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List of chairs

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