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Jacob Arabo

entertainers on custom designs. In the 1990s, he was one of the first jewelers to create big diamond jewels for men, a trend that is mainstream today...

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National Bohemian

The mascot's image is licensed for a Maryland Lottery scratch off; by Smyth Jewelers; and was the official team mascot of the Baltimore Bohemians professional...

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Ossian (given name)

landscape designer Ossian Skiöld (1889–1961), Swedish hammer thrower Ossian Smyth, Irish Green Party politician Ossian Sweet (1895–1960), African-American...

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Latif al-Ani

Iraq a You've Never Seen", The Telegraph (UK), 7 December 2017, Online: Smyth, D., "The founding father of Iraqi photography gets his first London show"...

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Virginia Woolf

lava of madness, describing her time at Burley in a 1930 letter to Ethel Smyth: As an experience, madness is terrific I can assure you, and not to be sniffed...

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G. (2007). Gems in Myth, Legend and Lore (Revised edition). Parachute: Jewelers Press. p. 294. Kunz (1913), pp. 345–347 "Minerals of New York State". State...

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George Nader

Writer". The New York Times. February 12, 2002. Retrieved July 6, 2008. Smyth, Mitchell (May 10, 1992). "Rock left actor millions". Toronto Star. p. D5...

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University Mall (Illinois)

Walgreens, it also featured 20 other stores including Kirlin's Hallmark, Zales Jewelers, Baskin-Robbins, Waldenbooks, Regis Hairstylists, Karmelkorn, and General...

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World Series of Poker bracelet

contract to become the official bracelet manufacturer for the WSOP. OnTilt jewelers decided that the 2010 bracelet design would return to the tradition of...

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FOOD (New York restaurant)

Matta-Clark – Food (1972)". UbuWeb Film & Video. Retrieved June 3, 2015. Smyth, Ned (June 4, 2004). "Gordon Matta-Clark". Artnet. Retrieved June 4, 2015...

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Deaths in November 2022

Simonnot, 81, French economist and journalist (Le Figaro, Le Monde). B. Smyth, 30, American singer and songwriter, pulmonary fibrosis. Tomáš Svoboda,...

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Pearl hunting

islands. Streeter was one of the leading and most influential English jewelers in the 19th century and outfitted his own Schooner the Shree-Pas-Sair which...

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St. Regis New York

July 1, 1925. p. 1. ProQuest 1112925138. "St. Regis Hotel Store Leased to Jewelers: E. M. Gattle & Co. Take Space in Negotiations With Vincent Astor". The...

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islands. Streeter was one of the leading and most influential English jewelers in the 19th century and outfitted his own schooner the Shree-Pas-Sair which...

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Charles Smith

County, Maryland Charles E. Smith Co. Chuck Smith (disambiguation) Charles Smyth (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles about people with...

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List of burials at West Laurel Hill Cemetery

his role of Mr. Handford (Hooper's Store) on Sesame Street Albert Henry Smyth, editor of the Writings of Benjamin Franklin Ed Snider (1933-2016) Chair...

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List of people from Delaware

Smithers (1818–1896) – lawyer; U.S. Representative from Delaware Thomas Alfred Smyth – last Union Army general killed in the American Civil War Sn–Sz Ian Snell...

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Lillian Russell (film)

Robert Emmett Keane as Jeweler Harry Hayden as Mr. Sloane Frank Darien as Coachman Frank Sully as Hank Ottola Nesmith as Miss Smyth Ferike Boros as Mrs....

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List of octagon houses

77417°N 81.57028°W / 36.77417; -81.57028 (Abijah Thomas House, Marion, VA) Smyth County VA NRHP Hiram Smith House 1856 336 Main Street or 343 Smith Street...

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(b. 1985), Australian tennis player Theo Smeets [de] (b. 1964), Dutch jeweler Tjerk Smeets (b. 1980), Dutch baseball player, son of Mart Smeets, husband...

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Jacob Arabo

Jacob Arabo (born Yakov Arabov or Jacob Arabov on June 3, 1965; also frequently known as "Jacob the Jeweler") is an American jewelry and watch designer who founded Jacob & Company in 1986 and grew it to become an international luxury brand. He began strictly as a jeweler with bold designs that appealed to celebrities who became regular customers.

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