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Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is the distribution of revenue, that is the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods and services, among the stakeholders...

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Share (finance)

The liquidity of markets is a major consideration as to whether a share is able to be sold at any given time. An actual sale transaction of shares between...

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distributed malware may share the same “code signature” as the Sality payload, which may provide attribution to one group and/or that they share a large portion...

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Sale Sharks

Sale Sharks is a professional rugby union club from Greater Manchester, England. They play in the Premiership Rugby, England's top division of rugby. Originally...

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George Sale

having read Sale's translation, Voltaire wrote his own essay "De l'Alcoran et de Mahomet" ("On the Quran and on Mohammed"). Voltaire shared Sale's view that...

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Bonus share

conversion of its share premium account, or distribution of treasury shares. An issue of bonus shares is referred to as a bonus share issue. A bonus issue is...

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Hate for Sale

Sale was delayed to July 17 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry; the band shared their The Damned tribute "Hate for Sale"...

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File sharing

electronic books. File sharing may be achieved in a number of ways. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable...

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Chris Sale

league debut on August 6, 2010. As a power pitcher, Sale excels at achieving high numbers of strikeouts, and has set a number of strikeout-related records...

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Jamie Salé

Champion and 2001 World Champion. The Olympic gold medals of Salé and Pelletier were shared with the Russian pair Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze...

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Point of sale

The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates...

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List of image-sharing websites

This is a non-exhaustive list of notable image-sharing websites. These also include sites that may still operate, but do not accept new users. Listed in...

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The Angels' Share

The Angels' Share is a 2012 comedy-drama film directed by Ken Loach and starring Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, and William Ruane. Set in Glasgow, Scotland...

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password hashes and a small number of dates of birth held by ShareThis. The data was listed for sale on the dark web after which time ShareThis verified the...

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Wash sale

A wash sale is a sale of a security (stocks, bonds, options) at a loss and repurchase of the same or substantially identical security (judging by CUSIP...

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Coal India

2015, in an offer for sale (OFS), Government of India sold a further 10% stake in CIL. Priced at ₹358 (US$5.00) per share, the sale fetched the government...

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Glazer ownership of Manchester United

interest and forced a drop in the share price from the planned $16–20 each to $14 each, representing a potential total sale value of $233 million (£150 million)...

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For sale by owner

For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a broker or agent. Homeowners may employ the services...

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Sharing economy

Additionally, the sharing economy can be understood to encompass transactions with a permanent transfer of ownership of a resource, such as a sale, while other...

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Saly (name)

sculptor Julia Saly, Spanish film actress and producer Sally (disambiguation) Sale (disambiguation) This page or section lists people that share the same given...

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Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is the distribution of revenue, that is the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods and services, among the stakeholders or contributors. It should not be confused with profit shares, in which scheme only the profit is shared, i.e., the revenue left over after costs have been removed, nor with stock shares, which may be bought and sold and whose value may fluctuate. Revenue shares are often used in industries such as game development, wherein a studio lacks sufficient capital or investment to pay up front, or in instances when a studio or company wishes to share the risks and rewards with its team members. Revenue shares allow the stakeholders to realize returns as soon as revenue is earned, before any costs are deducted. Revenue sharing in Internet marketing is also known as cost per sale, in which the cost of advertising is determined by the revenue generated as a result of the advertisement itself. This method accounts for about 80% of affiliate marketing programs, primarily dominated by online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Web-based companies such as Helium, HubPages, Infobarrel, and Squidoo also practice a form of revenue sharing, in which a company invites writers to create content for a website in exchange for a share of its advertising revenue, giving the authors the possibility of ongoing income from a single piece of work, and guaranteeing to the commissioning company that it will never pay more for content than it generates in advertising revenue. Pay rates vary dramatically from site to site, depending on the success of the site and the popularity of individual articles. In professional sports leagues, "revenue sharing" commonly refers to the distribution of proceeds generated by ticket sales to a given event; the amount of money distributed to a visiting team can significantly impact a team's total revenue, which in turn affects the team's ability to attract (and pay for) talent and resources. In 1981, for example, the Scottish Premier League changed its policy from splitting a match's receipts evenly between its two competing football teams over to a system in which the hosting team could keep all of the proceeds from matches hosted at its facilities. This move is generally believed to have negatively affected the league's parity and enhanced the dominance of Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C. In contrast, the National Football League distributes television revenue to all teams equally, regardless of team performance or number of viewers.

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