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List of Formula One constructors

Sud (1957–1961, 1963–1965) Scuderia Filipinetti (1962–1963) Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus (1961) Scuderia Sud Americana (1958) Silvio Moser Racing Team (1966...

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Italia Scuderia Lavaggi Scuderia Milano Scuderia Playteam Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus Scuderia Serenissima Scuderia Toro Rosso Scuderia Vittoria Scuderia...

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Ferrari 156 F1

Competition history Notable entrants Scuderia Ferrari FISA Scuderia Sant Ambroeus Notable drivers Phil Hill Wolfgang von Trips Richie Ginther Willy Mairesse...

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1963 24 Hours of Le Mans

Alpines were matched against three Alfa Romeos run by the teams Scuderia Sant Ambroeus and Scuderia Filipinetti. The two Team Elite Lotuses had the 1300cc...

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Ferrari Grand Prix results

FISA Ferrari 156 Ferrari 178 1.5 V6 D Giancarlo Baghetti 1 Scuderia Sant Ambroeus Ret RetF 1966 MON BEL FRA GBR NED GER ITA USA MEX Reg Parnell Racing...

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1965 24 Hours of Le Mans

added. Cars were being prepared for Ecurie Francorchamps and Scuderia Sant Ambroeus. In the smaller GT classes were the 2-litre Porsche 904s with the homologated...

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Dino (automobile)

scored silver for the 1959 Le Mans Test and a single victory at Coppa Sant Ambroeus. The last race for this car was the 1959 Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb...

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James Beard Foundation Award

York, NY Outstanding Restaurant Graphics: Mucca Design Corporation, Sant Ambroeus; New York, NY Baking and Desserts: Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread...

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Giancarlo Baghetti

Points 1961 FISA Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6 MON NED BEL FRA 1 9th 9 Scuderia Sant Ambroeus GBR Ret GER ITA Ret USA 1962 Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6...

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Dino 206 S

206 SP. From June 1966, he contested the series as part of a Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus entry. He drove a works prototype Dino, s/n 0842. Scarfiotti scored...

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1961 Coppa Italia

Bandini would not be available to take part. Baghetti's team, Scuderia Sant Ambroeus, borrowed the Porsche from Ecurie Nationale Suisse, and their driver...

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Rally Stella Alpina

some of the most prestigious car racing teams of the time, such as the Sant Ambroeus of Milan In the same year the original Stella Alpina rally ended, along...

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Ferrari 246 F1

Competition history Notable entrants Scuderia Ferrari FISA Scuderia Sant Ambroeus Notable drivers Luigi Musso Peter Collins Mike Hawthorn Wolfgang von...

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University College, Calgary, Alberta Italian: Sant'Ambrogio [ˌsantamˈbrɔːdʒo]; Lombard: Sant Ambroeus [ˌsãːt ãˈbrøːs]. 'The law of June 391, issued by...

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Saint Ambrose faith

Credentia Sancti Ambrosii Mediolani; Lombard: Cardenza de Sant Ambroeus; Italian: Credenza di Sant'Ambrogio) was an assembly of the free commune of Milan...

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1964 24 Hours of Le Mans

245 kp/h (150 mph). Three cars were entered by the Milanese Scuderia Sant Ambroeus team who had already taken class victories at the Sebring, Targa Florio...

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Ferrari SP

Chassis 0804 was loaned to Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus along with driver Ludovico Scarfiotti. As Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus was managed by the Ferrari sporting...

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1962 Targa Florio

Zagato 7:51'38.0, 10 9th 56 GT1.3 Alfonso Thiele Jean Guichet Scuderia Sant' Ambroeus Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato 7:56'39.0, 10 10th 44 GT1.6 Antonio...

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Crepes Austin, Texas 4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse Cake) Rocco DiSpirito Sant Ambroeus New York, NY 4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Double Pain...

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Alfonso Thiele

Straight-4 ARG MON 500 NED BEL FRA GBR POR ITA Ret USA NC 0 1961 Scuderia Sant Ambroeus Cooper T45 Climax L4 MON NED BEL FRA GBR GER ITA DNA USA NC 0...

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List of Formula One constructors

The following is a list of Formula One constructors. In Formula One motor racing, constructors are people or corporate entities which design key parts of Formula One cars that have competed or are intended to compete in the FIA World Championship. Since 1981, it has been a requirement that each competitor must have the exclusive rights to the use of certain key parts of their car – in 2018, these parts were the survival cell, the front impact structure, the roll structures and bodywork.

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