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Seth Quintero

Dakar, with 12 stage victories in the 2022 Dakar. Quintero grew up in San Marcos, California, where by age four he was already riding ATVs. Quintero began...

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Tommy Manotoc

Imee Marcos, daughter of then-Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, on December 4, 1981. Manotoc and Marcos are now separated. Manotoc and Marcos have...

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San Antonio FC

establishment of the club, along with the concurrent purchase of Toyota Field by the City of San Antonio and Bexar County, was part of a plan by local officials...

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Marcos Ambrose

Marcos Ross Ambrose (born 1 September 1976) is an Australian former racing driver and current Garry Rogers Motorsport competition director. He won the...

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Chito Loyzaga

migrated to Australia for two years. He came back to play for Toyota in 1983. After Toyota disbanded, Loyzaga moved to Great Taste, where he became part...

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President of the Philippines

Ferdinand Marcos introduced a parliamentary-style government. Marcos instituted himself as prime minister while serving as president in 1978. Marcos later...

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The Aaron's Company

Aaron's, Inc. storefront in San Marcos, TX...

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List of automotive museums

Shizuoka Toyota Automobile Museum (Toyota), Nagakute, Aichi Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (Toyota), Nagoya, Aichi Toyota Kuragaike...

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1979 PBA season

in the championship between the league's most noted rivalry, Crispa and Toyota played once again in the finals during the All-Filipino Conference. Crispa...

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2018–19 San Antonio Spurs season

The 2018–19 San Antonio Spurs season was the 52nd season in the history of the franchise, and was its 43rd in the National Basketball Association (NBA)...

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Greater San Antonio

Greater San Antonio, officially designated San Antonio–New Braunfels, is an eight-county metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Texas defined by the Office...

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2013–14 San Antonio Spurs season

The 2013–14 San Antonio Spurs season was the 47th season of the franchise, their 41st in San Antonio and the 38th in the National Basketball Association...

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Crispa Redmanizers

skinned Toyota players appealing more to the upper crust of Philippine society whereas the Redmanizers were perceived to be the team of the masses. Toyota won...

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Automotive industry in the Philippines

period. The original PCMP (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan) members returned in 1988 after the People Power Revolution ousted Marcos in 1986, and eventually,...

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Lino Brocka

and life pledged to uphold anti-authoritarian politics that opposed the Marcos dictatorship at the time and continues to do so. Direk: Essays on Filipino...

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Marcos Couch

Marcos José Couch (born June 14, 1960 in Buenos Aires), Argentine mountain climber, known for his professional achievements in mountains such as the Shishapangma...

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Ferxxocalipsis World Tour

 Ecuador Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa — — November 22 Lima  Peru Estadio San Marcos — — November 26 Santiago  Chile Estadio Monumental — — November 29 Bogotá...

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San Miguel Beermen

out of University of San Carlos by the name of Ramon Fernandez, who would later that year joined a new MICAA team Toyota Comets. San Miguel was one of the...

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Philippine Constabulary Metropolitan Command

MetroCom was created pursuant to Executive Order of President Ferdinand Marcos on July 14, 1967, to supplement police forces within the Greater Manila...

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TOYOTA MOTOR. "Panasonic and Toyota Confirm Location and Executive Structure of Town Development Joint Venture | Corporate | Global Newsroom". Toyota...

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Seth Quintero

Seth Quintero (born September 12, 2002) is American off-road racing driver. He is currently part of Red Bull's rallying team for rally raid events and competes in the World Rally-Raid Championship. He holds the record for the most number of stage wins in a single Dakar, with 12 stage victories in the 2022 Dakar.

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