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Sleeping pad

In camping, a ground pad, sleeping pad, thermal pad, sleeping mat, or roll mat is lightweight pad, common among hikers, backpackers and budget travelers...

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obtained depends on the shape of the test piece, speed of stretching and temperature of test." Cutting Deformation Ripstop Screen tearing "Rubber, vulcanized...

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List of equipment of the United States Army

protection from wind and water. The sleeping bags are made of ripstop nylon fabrics and continuous-filament polyester insulation; the camouflage bivy cover is...

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Ultralight backpacking

ultralight alternative to an internal frame pack is a frameless pack made of ripstop nylon, silnylon, or Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF), formerly known as Cuben...

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problems when sleeping in a hammock in this manner. Nylon ripstop camping hammock Hammock aboard the Grand Turk Hammock on a tropical beach Baby hammock, Pangkor...

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Piece goods

goods were the textile materials sold in cut pieces as per the buyer's specification. The piece goods were either cut from a fabric roll or produced...

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camel, which will pull the rolled felt until the process is complete. Alternately, a group of people in a line might roll the felt along, kicking it regularly...

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cross-section has the typical teardrop aerofoil shape. Modern paraglider wings are made of high-performance non-porous materials such as ripstop polyester or...

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1980s in fashion

trousers characterized by the use of ripstop nylon or extremely baggy cuts. In the original tight-fitting, extraneously zippered style of the late 1970s and early...

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canvas Stripe canvas Water-resistant canvas Waterproof canvas Waxed canvas Rolled canvas Wood-and-canvas canoes (see photo of canvas being stretched on a...

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Red Bull Air Race World Championship

tests and research settled on the use of a combination of different materials, the crucial component being spinnaker ripstop nylon, an extremely lightweight...

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from a fabric roll or made to a specific length, also known as yard goods. Textiles are various materials made from fibers and yarns. The term "textile"...

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kites, are typically made from ripstop polyester with an inflatable plastic bladder that spans the front edge of the kite with separate smaller bladders...

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Paisley (design)

red bandanas and the Crips who would wear blue bandanas. Prince paid tribute to the rock and roll history of paisley when he created the Paisley Park Records...

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showed that each bead had been made by beating and heating copper ore into a thin sheet which had then been rolled around a narrow rod. Substantial corrosion...

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Eddie Bauer

in the world. Eddie Bauer supplied the eight man American expedition with "Kara Koram Parkas" that utilized a ripstop nylon shell. On 1 May 1963, around...

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Uniforms of the New Zealand Army

concept and style of the U.S Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and is made in ripstop material. Patch pockets on the shirt were replaced by internal, vertical closure...

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Scrim (material)

prior to plastering. It prevents a crack appearing in the plaster finish at a later date. The roll of tape may be plain or adhesive-coated to facilitate...

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Fabric treatment

tumble-dried. Iron can be used at a warm temperature. To dry out the silk, roll it in a towel and press the water out and hang it. For acetate, hand washes it with...

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are the Warp stop motion Weft stop motion The principal parts of a loom are the frame, the warp-beam or weavers beam, the cloth-roll (apron bar), the heddles...

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Sleeping pad

In camping, a ground pad, sleeping pad, thermal pad, sleeping mat, or roll mat is lightweight pad, common among hikers, backpackers and budget travelers, often used in conjunction with a sleeping bag. Its purpose is to provide padding and thermal insulation. All types currently available use air as their primary form of insulation. In its simplest form a sleeping pad consists of a foam-like material that is about half a centimeter thick (about a quarter of an inch). The dimensions of the pad are usually about the same length as a sleeping bag and a little wider. Slight variations in design can be found, such as rippling in the foam, but these do not significantly affect the pad's thermal properties. A common misconception is that the pads are primarily for creating a more comfortable sleeping or sitting area. Instead, the primary purpose of the pad is to prevent the loss of body heat into the ground while sleeping. The materials used are typically filled with air pockets, slowing down the conduction of heat through the pad, as air is one of the best (and cheapest) insulators.

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