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Pillsbury Company

Burger King, Steak and Ale, Bennigan's, Godfather's Pizza, Häagen-Dazs, and Quik Wok, plus popular grocery store food brands such as Green Giant. In the 1960s...

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Norman E. Brinker

oversight to include the company's other chains, including Burger King, Quik-Wok, and Poppin' Fresh. However his new position was short lived, as he left...

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List of airline codes

Denmark PRW Primera Air Nordic JETBIRD Latvia - FQA Quikjet Cargo Airlines QUIK LIFT India 2014 QQE Qatar Executive Qatar QNT Qanot Sharq QANAT SHARQ Uzbekistan...

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Pillsbury Company

The Pillsbury Company was a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company that was one of the world's largest producers of grain and other foodstuffs until it was bought by General Mills in 2001. Antitrust law required General Mills to sell off some of the products, so the company kept the rights to refrigerated and frozen Pillsbury branded products, while dry baking products and frosting were sold by its Orrville, Ohio–based Smucker company under license. Brynwood Partners agreed to purchase Pillsbury from Smuckers for $375 million in July 2018. In September 2018 the sale was completed along with other brands including Martha White and Hungry Jack.Advertising company Leo Burnett Worldwide created Pillsbury's Doughboy and Jolly Green Giant, which are two of the agency's top brand icons.

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