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Proteinase K

molecular biology Proteinase K (EC, protease K, endopeptidase K, Tritirachium alkaline proteinase, Tritirachium album serine proteinase, Tritirachium...

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to relate to PrP structure or function. PrPC is readily digested by proteinase K and can be liberated from the cell surface in vitro by the enzyme phosphoinositide...

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termination. First, genomic DNA (gDNA) is extracted from cells of interest by proteinase K treatment followed by phenol-chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation...

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activity or removal of unwanted proteins. For example, proteinase K, a broad-spectrum proteinase stable in urea and SDS, is often used in the preparation...

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Complementary DNA

RNA unusable. To remove DNA and proteins, enzymes such as DNase and Proteinase K are used for degradation. Importantly, RNA integrity is maintained by...

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In situ hybridization

fluorescence or brightfield microscope. permeabilization of cells with proteinase K to open cell membranes (around 25 minutes, not needed for tissue sections...

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Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease

detection of prion-infected material in whole human blood without the use of proteinase K" (PDF). Transfusion (Submitted manuscript). 50 (12): 2619–27. doi:10...

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Staphylococcus haemolyticus

carbohydrates, proteins, and extracellular DNA. Detachment assays with NaIO4, proteinase K, or DNase result in 38%, 98%, and 100% detachment, respectively. The...

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the inactivation gate of Na+ voltage gated ion channels in neurons. Proteinase K Pronase at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings...

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Polylactic acid

can also degrade PLA. Enzymes such as pronase and most effectively proteinase K from Tritirachium album degrade PLA. Four possible end-of-life scenarios...

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Subtilopeptidase A

Subtilopeptidase A may refer to: Subtilisin, EC Oryzin, EC Proteinase K, EC Thermomycolin, EC Thermitase, EC Endopeptidase...

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3C-like protease

coronavirus 3C-like proteinase". The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 279 (3): 1637–42. doi:10.1074/jbc.m310875200. PMID 14561748. Akaji K, Konno H, Onozuka...

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Antigen retrieval

proteolytic induced epitope retrieval (PIER). In PIER, enzymes including Proteinase K, Trypsin, and Pepsin have been used to restore antibody binding to its...

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Chromatin immunoprecipitation

protein–DNA cross-link is reversed and proteins are removed by digestion with proteinase K. An epitope-tagged version of the protein of interest, or in vivo biotinylation...

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Cross-linking immunoprecipitation

separated from free RNA using gel electrophoresis and membrane transfer. Proteinase K digestion is then performed in order to remove protein from the RNA-protein...

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(EC, ) is the most abundant secretory granule-derived serine proteinase contained in mast cells and has been used as a marker for mast cell activation...

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(a protease) cleaves VPg from membrane-bound 3AB. Studies that used proteinase K to cleave VPg from the viral genome discovered that calicivirus vesicular...

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PMID 22016395. Oda K, Sugitani M, Fukuhara K, Murao S (March 1987). "Purification and properties of a pepstatin-insensitive carboxyl proteinase from a gram-negative...

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a novel proteinase related to proteinase K". Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 420 (1): 55–67. doi:10.1016/j.abb.2003.09.011. PMID 14622975. Ouguerram K, Chetiveaux...

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Proteinase 3

Proteinase 3, also known as PRTN3, is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the PRTN3 gene. PRTN3 is a serine protease enzyme expressed mainly in neutrophil...

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Proteinase K

In molecular biology Proteinase K (EC, protease K, endopeptidase K, Tritirachium alkaline proteinase, Tritirachium album serine proteinase, Tritirachium album proteinase K) is a broad-spectrum serine protease. The enzyme was discovered in 1974 in extracts of the fungus Engyodontium album (formerly Tritirachium album). Proteinase K is able to digest hair (keratin), hence, the name "Proteinase K". The predominant site of cleavage is the peptide bond adjacent to the carboxyl group of aliphatic and aromatic amino acids with blocked alpha amino groups. It is commonly used for its broad specificity. This enzyme belongs to Peptidase family S8 (subtilisin). The molecular weight of Proteinase K is 28,900 daltons (28.9 kDa).

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