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Installation code for propane fuel systems and tanks on highway vehicles. Another propane option gaining some popularity is diesel blend where propane is blended...

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Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion

a propane tank truck near Kamena Vourla, Greece resulting in 5 deaths 10 August 2008: Toronto propane explosion; multiple explosions at a propane facility...

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Hot air balloon

June 2019. "Balloon Propane Tanks". Pilot Outlook. Archived from the original on 2011-06-10. Retrieved 2010-06-05. Propane tanks used in hot air balloons...

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Oxy-fuel welding and cutting

steel) in a room environment. A common propane/air flame burns at about 2,250 K (1,980 °C; 3,590 °F), a propane/oxygen flame burns at about 2,526 K (2...

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Gas cylinder

portable oxygen tanks. Packaged industrial gases are frequently called "cylinder gas", though "bottled gas" is sometimes used. The term propane tank is also used...

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Pressure regulator

through a regulator. There may be a flow gauge calibrated to the specific gas.[citation needed] All propane and LP Gas applications require the use of...

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Worthington Industries

steel processor and manufacturer of pressure vessels, such as propane, oxygen and helium tanks, hand torches, refrigerant and industrial cylinders, camping...

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Live steam

popular fuel for large, ridable trains. Propane gas – an alternative to coal or oil in large-scale models. Propane has also been used successfully as fuel...

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Heating oil

it is unlikely to burst or leak in its ordinary use". The tank, along with any filters, gauges, valves or ancillary equipment, must be contained within...

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DOT-111 tank car

propane, butane, or vinyl chloride. Transportation Safety Board of Canada Railway Investigation Report R94T0029 section 1.13.1 documents DOT-112 tank...

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Blue Bird Vision

the appeal of the propane-fueled Vision, for 2015 production, Blue Bird introduced an optional 98-gallon extended-range fuel tank (standard equipment...

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TWA Flight 800

fuel-air explosion in the CWT by igniting a propane-air mixture; this resulted in the failure of the tank structure due to overpressure.: 261  While the...

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Central Area Transmission System

and being fed directly into the NTS. The NGLs are then separated into propane, butane and condensate. In 2018, CATS delivered over 5 billion cubic metres...

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Pipeline transport

butane and propane liquid under light pressure of 125 pounds per square inch (860 kPa), can be shipped by rail, truck or pipeline. Propane can be used...

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Liquefied natural gas

which usually includes mostly methane (CH4), along with ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). Other gases also occur in natural gas, notably...

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Columbine High School massacre

propane tanks on the morning of the attack. Harris was caught on a Texaco gas station security camera at 9:12 a.m. buying a Blue Rhino propane tank....

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Scale model

scale soldiers and tanks to go with "00" gauge train equipment. Roco offered 1:87 scale styrene military vehicles to go with "HO" gauge model houses. However...

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Pressure vessel

chamber A pressure tank connected to a water well and domestic hot water system. A few pressure tanks, here used to hold propane. A pressure vessel used...

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Rail transport modelling

model railway A propane-fired 1∶8 scale live steam train running on the Finnish Railway Museum's 7.25-inch gauge track. A small 5-inch gauge live steam locomotive...

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Recreational vehicle terms

typical RV (absorption) refrigerator uses either propane or electricity as a heat source. Most operate on propane or AC (two-way), while some add 12 volts DC...

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Autogas or LPG is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) used as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehicles as well as in stationary applications such as generators. It is a mixture of propane and butane. Autogas is widely used as a "green" fuel, as its use reduces CO2 exhaust emissions by around 15% compared to petrol. One litre of petrol produces 2.3 kg of CO2 when burnt, whereas the equivalent amount of autogas (1.33 litres due to the lower density of autogas) produces only 2 kg of CO2 when burnt. CO emissions are 30% lower, compared to petrol and NOx by 50%. It has an octane rating (MON/RON) that is between 90 and 110 and an energy content (higher heating value—HHV) that is between 25.5 megajoules per litre (for pure propane) and 28.7 megajoules per litre (for pure butane) depending upon the actual fuel composition. Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world, with approximately 16 million of 600 million passenger cars powered using the fuel, representing less than 3% of the total market share. Approximately half of all autogas-fueled passenger vehicles are in the five largest markets (in descending order): Turkey, South Korea, Poland, Italy, and Australia.

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