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The T-62 is a Soviet medium tank that was first introduced in 1961. As a further development of the T-55 series, the T-62 retained many similar design...

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Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra) is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central...

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USATC S100 Class

[failed verification] "Home". Project 62. "Project 62's Register of USA Class 62 0-6-0T Steam Locomotives". Project 62. Retrieved 18 September 2020. Walton...

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Project Gutenberg

be used on almost any computer. As of 20 May 2020[update], Project Gutenberg had reached 62,108 items in its collection of free eBooks. The releases are...

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7.62×51mm NATO

The 7.62×51mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature 7.62 NATO) is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge developed in the 1950s as a standard for small arms...

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SR USA class

Ian Allan ABC of British Railways Locomotives. Winter 1959–1960. Project 62 Project 62 - owners of 30075 and 30076 USA 0-6-0T Southern E-Group SR USA Dock...

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FA-MAS Type 62

caused the French to rethink their approach and the project was eventually cancelled. The Type 62's bayonet was later adopted for use on the FAMAS rifle...

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Boeing Vertol XCH-62

The Boeing Vertol XCH-62 (Model 301) was a triple-turbine, heavy-lift helicopter project designed for the United States Army by Boeing Vertol. Approved...

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Project Eldest Son

Project Eldest Son (also known as “Italian Green” or “Pole Bean”) was a program of covert operations conducted by the United States' Studies and Observation...

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JŽ class 62

followed: 62-669 (built 1960) Shillingstone Railway Project "30075" 62-521 (built 1954) Shillingstone Railway Project "30076" Project 62, the project to restore...

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Horizon Guyot

Drilling Project Leg 62" (PDF). Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, 62. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 62. U.S. Government...

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7.62×25mm Tokarev

The 7.62×25mm Tokarev cartridge (designated as the 7.62 × 25 Tokarev by the C.I.P.) is a Russian rimless bottlenecked pistol cartridge widely used in...

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Type 62

The Norinco Type 62 (Chinese: 62式; pinyin: Liù'èr shì) is a Chinese light tank developed in the early 1960s and is based on the Chinese Type 59 with a...

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Nakajima Ki-62

Company for use by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. Neither the Ki-62 project or its Ki-63 variant proceeded beyond the design stage. To compete with...

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Works Progress Administration

Writer's Project uncovers Depression America (2009) p 12 Krugman, Paul (2007). The Conscience of a Liberal. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. p. 62. ISBN 9780393060690...

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Akon City, Senegal

Akon City is a project launched by Senegalese-American singer and entrepreneur Akon. Akon City will be built both in: Senegal 62 miles from Dakar, the...

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Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was a research and development undertaking during World War II that produced the first nuclear weapons. It was led by the United...

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Them (2021 TV series)

Kwanten and premiered on Prime Video on April 9, 2021 to mixed reviews, with a 62% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Set in 1953, Them: Covenant follows a black family...

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Responsibility assignment matrix

ten people who can perform the role of project manager, although traditionally each project only has one project manager at any one time; and a person...

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Pack Horse Library Project

The Pack Horse Library Project was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) program that delivered books to remote regions in the Appalachian Mountains between...

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The T-62 is a Soviet medium tank that was first introduced in 1961. As a further development of the T-55 series, the T-62 retained many similar design elements of its predecessor including low profile and thick turret armour. In contrast with previous tanks, which were armed with rifled tank guns, the T-62 was the first tank armed with a smoothbore tank gun that could fire APFSDS rounds at higher velocities. While the T-62 became the standard tank in the Soviet arsenal, it did not fully replace the T-55 in export markets due to its higher manufacturing costs and maintenance requirements compared to its predecessor. Although the T-62 was replaced in Russia and the successor states of the Soviet Union, it is still used in some countries and its design features became standardised in subsequent Soviet and Russian mass-produced tanks.

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