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Prell is a viscous, pearl-green shampoo and conditioner product manufactured by Scott's Liquid Gold-Inc through their Neoteric Cosmetics subsidiary. Prell...

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Alexa Ray Joel

2010, Joel was chosen the new spokeswoman for Ultimark Products' Prell brand of shampoo, with Joel's songs to serve as background for commercials. In September...

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The Life of Riley

American Meat Institute (1944–45), Procter & Gamble (Teel dentifrice and Prell shampoo) (1945–49), and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (1949–51) took turns as the radio...

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List of Procter & Gamble brands

Asia-Pacific Inc. Pert Plus was sold to Innovative Brands, LLC in July 2006. Prell shampoo sold to Prestige Brands International in 1999 Primex shortening (sold...

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Procter & Gamble

into new areas. The company introduced Tide laundry detergent in 1946, Prell shampoo in 1947 and Joy, the first liquid synthetic detergent in 1949. In 1955...

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Steel (The Twilight Zone)

Tobacco), who usually "pitched" Crest toothpaste, Lilt Home Permanent, and Prell shampoo, among their other products. Serling was not required to endorse any...

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Micheline Presle

Prell, thinking to his American ear that her name was a homonym for 'pretzel.' It was later changed to Prelle after a soap company brought out Prell shampoo...

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Margie (TV series)

black-and-white, and they included a laugh track. Crest toothpaste, Prell shampoo, and Ralston-Purina were among the sponsors. William Self was the executive...

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Rosemary (radio series)

dishwashing liquid, Camay soap, Dash and Tide laundry detergents and Prell shampoo. The series was created by Elaine Carrington, who had previously created...

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Prestige Consumer Healthcare

products to their brands.: 33  In 2009, Prestige sold its Denorex and Prell brands of shampoo. It has since divested Fiber Choice, PediaCare, New-Skin, and Dermoplast...

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Yvette Vickers

commercials. She later moved to New York City to model for White Rain shampoo advertisements, but she eventually returned to California to pursue an...

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Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is usually used after the hair has been washed with shampoo. It is applied and worked into the hair and may either be rinsed out a...

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Alonzo Levister

Playhouse in Greenwich Village. One of his commercial jingles, for Prell shampoo, won him the Clio Award for the best musical theme of the year. In the...

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List of Drawn Together characters

Terminator. In "Clum Babies", Ling-Ling struggles to pronounce the shampoo brand "Prell". In original artwork before the show's release, Ling-Ling was green...

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Prell is a viscous, pearl-green shampoo and conditioner product manufactured by Scott's Liquid Gold-Inc through their Neoteric Cosmetics subsidiary.

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