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Nobuyasu Okabayashi

several times from the list of guest performers at concerts, and eventually, Okabashi faced this consciousness by silencing himself by living in an agricultural...

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Risa Junna

24th NHK Kayō Charity Concert Host Music program 2002 Kuro no Honryū Yuko Okabashi Television special 2002 Aibō Reiko Iwasaki Season 1, episode 1 2002 Ally...

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Nobuyasu Okabayashi

Nobuyasu Okabayashi (岡林 信康, Okabayashi Nobuyasu, born on July 22, 1946, in Omihachiman, Japan) is a Japanese folk singer-songwriter. He has been called "Japan's Bob Dylan."His childhood home was his father's church (established by William Merrell Vories, the founder of OMI Medical Supplies Corp). His current residence is Kameoka, Kyoto. Originally a Christian, he began to doubt his family's work with juvenile delinquents and searched for an escape. He threw himself into socialism, and after meeting folk singer Takashi Tomoya, he started to play guitar.

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