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O2 Joggler

Ethernet and audio-out sockets positioned below indented O2 Joggler lettering. A small window for the ambient light sensor is centred on the top of...

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Lucas 14CUX

L-Jetronic design in that it used a hot-wire air mass sensor rather than the Jetronic's mechanical flap sensor. The 13CU was further developed into the 14CU,...

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Optical fiber

are also used for a variety of other applications, such as fiber optic sensors and fiber lasers. Glass optical fibers are typically made by drawing, while...

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Materials science

extensively as the glide rails for industrial equipment and the low-friction socket in implanted hip joints. The alloys of iron (steel, stainless steel, cast...

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practical applications, including mineralogy, gemology, medicine, chemical sensors (fluorescence spectroscopy), fluorescent labelling, dyes, biological detectors...

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Light pollution

the solar photons with energies above the ionization potential of N2 and O2 have already been absorbed by the higher layers and thus no appreciable ionization...

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Fiat 500 (2007)

with higher-capacity batteries and a Combined Charging System combination socket for fast charging. In September 2019, Fiat announced it was discontinuing...

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Artificial cardiac pacemaker

crude and painful to the patient in use and, being powered from an AC wall socket, carried a potential hazard of electrocution of the patient and inducing...

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100%. Each engine is installed with a gimbal bearing, a universal ball and socket joint which is bolted to the launch vehicle by its upper flange and to the...

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Nickel titanium

items, (4) Actuators, (5) Heat Engines, (6) Sensors, (7) Cryogenically activated die and bubble memory sockets, and finally (8) lifting devices. Nitinol...

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Insect morphology

the tracheae to the outside and fresh O2 diffuses in. Unlike in vertebrates that depend on blood for transporting O2 and CO2, the tracheal system brings...

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History of underwater diving

comprised a barrel-shaped upper torso with domed ends and included ball and socket joints in the articulated arms and legs. The arms had joints at shoulder...

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Scuba set

breakaway clip on the buoyancy compensator, plugged into a soft friction socket attached to the harness, secured by sliding a loop of the hose into the...

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Contorted aromatics

they show typical characteristics of a p-n junction in shape of a ball and socket joint model Figure 7. The ribbons, on the other hand, can be envisioned...

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O2 Joggler

The O2 Joggler is a computing appliance which was sold by O2 in the United Kingdom. Manufactured by OpenPeak and based on their OpenFrame product, the Joggler's main selling point was its shared calendar application and was aimed at organising family life. It was marketed under the slogan "Your new fridge door".Launched in April 2009, the Joggler was met with mixed reviews, largely praising the hardware and its potential, but critical of the software and focus of the device. The Joggler's launch price of £149.99 was cut to £99.99 by November 2009, with a radio feature added in association with Pure Digital.After a year on the market the App Shop was launched, and the price was dropped again to £49.99. Although touted as a special offer, this price was maintained until remaining stock was depleted. The low cost, combined with the high quality components and dissatisfaction in the software, has fostered a hacker community, and there are now a number of new applications and operating systems available for the device.During April and May 2012, users running the official operating system received a 'sunset update' which removed all O2 branded applications - including the internet radio, the shared calendar, the ability to send text messages, and two more of the six reasons O2 originally gave to buy one - but expanded the number of installed apps. Once the new firmware is applied, O2 will no longer offer technical support.O2 acknowledged the work of the hacker community in their web page describing the update.

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