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The Nylons

The Nylons are an a cappella group founded in 1978 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, best known for their covers of pop songs such as The Turtles' "Happy Together"...

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Nylon (disambiguation)

Nylon or Nylons may refer to: Nylon, a generic term for a class of polymers Nylon 66, (aka nylon 6-6, nylon 6,6 or nylon 6/6) a type of polyamide in common...

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The Nylons (album)

The Nylons is the debut album from the Canadian a cappella quartet The Nylons released on Attic Records. The platinum-selling album contains their cover...

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nylon-bristled toothbrush in 1938, followed more famously in women's stockings or "nylons" which were shown at the 1939 New York World's Fair and first sold commercially...

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Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

then ride off into the night on motorbikes. In 1987, Canadian quartet The Nylons released an a cappella version of this song as a single under the shortened...

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Nylon riots

"Peace, It's Here! Nylons on Sale!" Du Pont's announcement indicated that nylons would be available in September and the motto "Nylons by Christmas" was...

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step-growth polymerization or solid-phase synthesis yielding materials such as nylons, aramids, and sodium poly(aspartate). Synthetic polyamides are commonly...

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Dead Run (film)

Mexico, Italian: Segreti che scottano, German: Geheimnisse in goldenen Nylons) is a 1967 American-German-French-Italian co-production crime film written...

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Thermoplastic olefin

because it does not degrade under solar UV radiation, a common problem with nylons. TPO is used extensively in the automotive industry. Thermoplastics may...

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waterproof fabrics that are breathable, such as Gore-Tex or Tyvek and coated nylons. These fabrics allow water vapour to pass through, allowing the garment...

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Roussos song) "Because" (Jessica Mauboy song) Because, an album by The Nylons All pages with titles beginning with Because This disambiguation page lists...

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pervasive in nature and technology. Proteins and important plastics like Nylons, Aramid, Twaron, and Kevlar are polymers whose units are connected by amide...

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Dimethyl adipate

the main commercial interest in adipates is related to the production of nylons, this diester is used as a plasticizer, a solvent for paint stripping and...

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Third Degree Films

for Best MILF Release, setting the bar for films of that genre. In 2012, Nylons 8, directed by Miles Long won an AVN Award for Best Foot Fetish/Leg Release...

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Holly Randall

entertainment company. Randall has four photo books, Erotic Dream Girls, Kinky Nylons, Kinky Super Beauties and Kinky Lingerie published by Goliath Books. Holly...

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plastics include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyamides (nylons), polyesters and some polyurethanes. Intrinsically Conducting Polymers (ICP)...

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ratio of comonomers is usually 1:1. For example, the formation of many nylons requires equal amounts of a dicarboxylic acid and diamine. In the case of...

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List of synthetic polymers

non-covalent bonding present. Some familiar household synthetic polymers include: Nylons in textiles and fabrics, Teflon in non-stick pans, Bakelite for electrical...

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together with a diamine to form an alternating copolymer form of nylon. nylons – types of polyamides, some are alternating copolymers formed from copolymerizing...

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nylon 66, but also includes grades based on nylon 6 as a matrix, long chain nylons such as nylon 610 (if based on at least one renewable monomer they are branded...

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The Nylons

The Nylons are an a cappella group founded in 1978 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, best known for their covers of pop songs such as The Turtles' "Happy Together", Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", and The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".The band's current lineup includes Claude Morrison (tenor), Garth Mosbaugh (tenor/baritone), Gavin Hope (baritone/tenor/bass) and Tyrone Gabriel (bass/baritone). Morrison is the only original member still with the band (and still living) today. The band has reissued all their albums on CD through Unidisc Music.

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