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Nassau Inter-County Express

The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) is the local bus system serving Nassau County, New York. It also serves parts of western Suffolk County, New York...

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List of bus routes in Nassau County, New York

The following bus routes are operated in Nassau County, New York. Most of these routes are operated under Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), formerly MTA...

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Nice (/niːs/ NEESS, French pronunciation: [nis] (listen); Niçard: Niça, classical norm, or Nissa, nonstandard, pronounced [ˈnisa]; Italian: Nizza [ˈnittsa];...

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New York City transit fares

Tramway, AirTrain JFK, NYC Ferry, and the suburban bus operators Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) and Westchester County Bee-Line System (Bee-Line)...

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MTA Regional Bus Operations bus fleet

next stop announcements & PSAs. Though the former Long Island Bus Division (now NICE Bus) had already deployed such a system throughout its fleet since...

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Ed Mangano

Celeste (February 17, 2012). "NICE bus panel members named". Newsday. Retrieved October 20, 2016. "Mangano Launches "NICE" Bus Service" (Press release). November...

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Jones Beach State Park

Site Opens at Jones Beach". March 17, 2020. "NICE Bus Kicks Off its Summer Service to Jones Beach". NiceBus.com. Archived from the original on November...

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Short Bus (album)

set them apart. Short Bus has sold over one million copies in the United States, and is best known for the hit single "Hey Man Nice Shot". In the late 1980s...

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Hey Man Nice Shot

"Hey Man Nice Shot" is a song by American rock band Filter, released on April 25, 1995, as the lead single from their debut studio album Short Bus. Some...

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Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (French: Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur) (IATA: NCE, ICAO: LFMN) is an international airport located 3.2 NM (5.9 km; 3.7 mi) southwest...

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Nice tramway

replaced by buses on some lines beginning in 1927. The last tramway in Nice ceased service on 10 January 1953. Like many other French cities, Nice has major...

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Railway stations and on all MTA buses; when completely rolled out, it will replace the MetroCard on Bee-Line buses, NICE buses, and AirTrain JFK. OMNY will...

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Oceanside, New York

February 2012). "NICE BUS, $7.3 million in the red, already threatening service cuts". Second Avenue Sagas. Retrieved 20 February 2012. NICE Bus [@theNICEbus]...

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MTA Bus Time

buses (similar to that of modern subway cars and the still-used Clever Devices system used on the ex-MTA Long Island Bus/NICE Bus units). NYCT Buses would...

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York City Transit buses and MTA buses. The MetroCard is also accepted by several partner agencies: Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), the PATH train system...

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MTA Regional Bus Operations

Express (NICE) in Nassau County. All fares are in US dollars, and the following fare policy applies to all New York City Transit, MTA Bus, NICE, and Bee-Line...

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Milan, Nice, Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, San Sebastián, and Turin. The route network is expanding progressively. BlaBlaCar Bus has three...

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165th Street Bus Terminal

terminal serves both NYCT and MTA Bus lines as well as NICE Bus lines to Nassau County, and was a hub to Green Bus Lines prior to MTA takeover. It is...

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Compressed natural gas

buses powered by compressed natural gas, with CNG bus depots located in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens. The Nassau Inter-County Express (or NICE Bus...

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Long Island

Express (NICE) provides bus service in Nassau County, while Suffolk County Transit, an agency of the Suffolk County government, provides bus service in...

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Nassau Inter-County Express

The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) is the local bus system serving Nassau County, New York. It also serves parts of western Suffolk County, New York as well as eastern portions of the New York City borough of Queens. It was formerly operated under the name of MTA Long Island Bus, the trading name of the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, a division of MTA Regional Bus Operations. In 2011, the owner, Nassau County, decided to outsource the system to a private operator, Veolia Transport, due to a funding dispute with the MTA.

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