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Wii Zapper

available both in a bundle with the Nerf N-Strike game and as a separate peripheral. Other gun peripherals include a Wii Crossbow, a Wii Magnum, and a Wii Shotgun...

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List of gun games

Retrieved 2013-02-01. "Review: Nerf N-Strike (Wii)". Nintendo Life. 2009-02-23. Retrieved 2021-09-09. Fletcher, JC (2008-08-15). "Nerf N-Strike features Boom...

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List of Wii games

May 22, 2009 Nerf N-Strike EA Salt Lake Electronic Arts 2008-10-28NA Unreleased October 28, 2008 February 12, 2009 February 12, 2009 Nerf N-Strike Elite...

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List of Saturday Night Live commercial parodies

genital area. Also advertised is "Nerf Crotch Missile" and "Nerf Nerf", the latter a formless plasmatic blob of Nerf foam material. Nest-spresso — Urban...

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Firearms policy in the Republic of Ireland

created the unusual situation where the laws applying to everything from a Nerf dart gun to a 20mm anti-tank rifle were identical. Following 2006, a lower...

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Marvel Legends

NBCUniversal Jurassic Park Shrek Trolls Sony Pictures Ghostbusters Subsidiaries Nerf Playskool Tiger Electronics Tonka Wizards of the Coast Archetype Entertainment...

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List of American Gladiators events

(originally rubber play balls, then soccer balls and finally much smaller Nerf balls) into a series of upright plastic cylinders while trying to evade three...

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Wizard (Dungeons & Dragons)

the cantrips originally released with the Bladesinger subclass essentially nerf the Booming Blade cantrip in multiple ways by preventing synergy with features...

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Wii Zapper

The Wii Zapper is a gun shell peripheral for the Wii Remote. The name is a reference to and successor of the NES Zapper light gun for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is mainly used to enhance controls for shooter games, including light gun shooters, first-person shooters, and third-person shooters.

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