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Playboy Special Edition

longest-running series is Lingerie (formerly known as Book of Lingerie). The first issue was released as Book of Lingerie in 1984. Two further issues...

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Tera Wray

Osbourne's Ozzfest Summer Tour 2007 as a model for the tour's sponsors, Hustler Lingerie. In 2009, she appeared in the music video for "Stingwray". During the 2007...

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Playboy Bunny

selected through standardized training. Their costumes were made up of lingerie, inspired by the tuxedo-wearing Playboy rabbit mascot. This costume consisted...

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(2002). "Heartland Wainuiomata: Rurality to suburbs, black singlets to naughty lingerie". In Farnsworth, J.; Hutchison, I. (eds.). New Zealand Television:...

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Cory Lee

her debut album What a Difference a Day Makes. Its flagship single "The Naughty Song" was initially released through the club scene, which, in addition...

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La Luna (2023 film)

Indonesia. Tells about a woman (played by Sharifah Amani) who opened a lingerie store named La Luna in a lonely, lazy yet lifeless village, Kampong Bras...

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to a rash of hot-mama books (The Hot Mom's Handbook, Confessions of a Naughty Mommy, The MILF Anthology), television shows (Desperate Housewives, The...

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XBIZ Awards

Dreams (Baci Lingerie) 2018: Ariane (Coco de Mer) 2019: Adore, Allure Lingerie 2011: Baci Lingerie 2012: Baci Lingerie 2013: Hustler Lingerie 2014: Dreamgirl...

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Edible underwear

promoted as lingerie in clothing shops, major department stores, motorcycle shops, candy stores and chic emporiums. It was considered naughty innocence...

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Jade Jagger

recordings, remixes, unplugged sessions, and fashion. She also has worked as a lingerie model. She has also designed apartments all over the world, including a...

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Lovehoney or 'Love Honey' is a British business that sells sex toys, lingerie and erotic gifts on the Internet. Their tagline is "the sexual happiness...

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St. Elmo's Fire (film)

Leslie for dinner, Alec confesses to Kevin that he recently had sex with a lingerie saleswoman. Billy and Wendy get drunk together, and Wendy reveals that...

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Naked Attraction

concurrently reveal themselves from the bottom up. Two special series titled Best Naughty Bits have aired from 18 May 2021 to 15 June 2021, and from 6 to 20 April...

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Tuck (sewing)

in fine linen or cotton fabric for chemisettes, engageantes, blouses, lingerie, summer dresses, and children's garments. Tucks were also used to decorate...

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Private Parts (1972 film)

leave sexually aggressive notes for Cheryl, which progress to gifts of lingerie which he suggest she model for him. Curious, Cheryl steals the hotel master...

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Holly Valance

(2002), which provided three top 3 singles: "Kiss Kiss", "Down Boy" and "Naughty Girl". Her second and final album, State of Mind (2003) provided the title-song...

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Marie Helvin

In late 2009 she featured as the face of a new demi couture range of lingerie from Agent Provocateur, "Soiree". In December 2009, Helvin auctioned her...

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Alice White

Prefer Blondes Dorothy Shaw Lost film Mad Hour Aimee Lost film Lingerie Angele Ree ('Lingerie') The Big Noise Sophie Sloval Lost film Harold Teen Giggles...

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Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett Naughty Joke Box, which was followed a year later by another Brothers Music VHS release called The New Kenny Everett Naughty Video. Produced...

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Nasty Gal

vintage-inspired Nasty Gal Denim Collection, Nasty Gal Swimwear, and Nasty Gal Lingerie. Nasty Gal also collaborated on a swimwear line with Minimale Animale in...

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Playboy Special Edition

Playboy Special Editions (formerly known as flats, then Newsstand Specials) are a spin-off series of Playboy magazine containing glamour and softcore nude photographs. The initially infrequent and later semi-regular editions ran from 1963 through 2000 (under the Playboy Press brand) then re-branded from 2000 through 2012 final issues (under the Playboy Special Edition "SE" brand). A one-off special edition was published in February 2015 featuring images of models in different locations within California from the controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Unlike the monthly magazine, which features a variety of articles, opinion columns, and works of fiction, only minimal text was included in the Special Editions, mostly consisting of captions of the photographs and readers' letters. Two issues were usually published each month. While the magazines often featured former Playmates of the Month, many other models also appeared in them. Early issues, beginning in 1983, featured approximately 100 pages of old reprint and outtake photos of Playmates with no specially commissioned photos. Issues from the early 1990s began to include a number of "one-shot" models purchased in bulk from glamour photographers. By the mid-1990s, Playboy had established a distinct identity for the line by mixing new shots of recent Playmates with new models, some of whom soon became as popular as the Playmates themselves. Playboy "Special Collector's Editions". These monthly publications contained themed pictorials each month and ran from August 2013 through September 2016. The issues published from 2013 through 2015 were sold at Barnes and Nobles bookstores. In 2016 the Special Collector's Editions were only mailed to subscribers and thus are much harder to find. "Supplement To Playboy", aka Playboy Supplements. These books have never been sold by PLAYBOY and could only be obtained in sealed subscription issues, sealed newsstand issues, by giving a gift subscription or making a purchase from the PLAYBOY Products Catalog. Most say "Supplement To PLAYBOY" on the cover, except a couple of cover variations described in the Supplement section below. Issues from 1989 through 1994 were 52 pages in length. In 1995 Uncensored Portraits was 52 pages but Sexy, Steamy, Sultry was only 36 pages. From 1996 on all issues are 36 pages. The dates listed for each book are taken from the copyright information on the inside cover. Beginning in 1996 PLAYBOY began reprinting certain books and changed the dates as appropriate. Aside from the dates the contents of each reprint are identical. Sometime around 2010 they began producing books that had no copyright dates in them and also may have contained fewer than the standard 36 pages. Some of these are reprints of books issued before 2010 and others are new books entirely. The dates assigned to these are best guesses based on the information at hand. Playboy VIP Club Magazine. V.I.P. Magazine was the official newsletter of the PLAYBOY Clubs and was sent to Club "key holders" through the mail, or copies could be picked up at any PLAYBOY Club. Each issue is jammed full of pictures of the Clubs and Bunnies as well as celebrity visitors and extensive coverage of the featured entertainers. These magazines also contain a wealth of ads for numerous PLAYBOY products and are excellent for reference. There were five issues of V.I.P. published in 1964 (FEB, APR, JUL, SEP, and Dec.), and three in 1965 (MAR, JUL, HOLIDAY). After that, a quarterly schedule (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) was established and continued from 1966 until publication ceased with VOL.47, Fall 1975. For some unexplained reason, after a lapse of nearly seven years, another issue was published in the summer of 1982. This is the nearly mythical "V.48". Since there is no evidence that this issue was ever mailed to Club key holders, the only way to have obtained a copy was in person at one of the Clubs. Beginning with V.25 and continuing through V.47, each issue contained three coupons which could be detached and redeemed at a Club for the then-current issue of PLAYBOY Magazine, or in later years OUI Magazine as well. Needless to say, this was an extremely popular bonus, and a huge percentage of the copies still in existence are missing one or more of these coupons. Although the page containing the coupons was not included in the actual page count of the issue, most collectors find them highly desirable. Other notable Playboy special publications. Playboy Philosophy, this four-volume series published from 1963 to 1965 reprints all twenty-two (22) chapters as they originally appeared in PLAYBOY magazines from DEC 1962 to MAY 1965. Each volume is approximately 48 pages with heavy stock covers, and each volume cover is a different color. Playboy merchandise/gift catalogs, various catalogs printed between the years of 1964 through 2011 in which Playboy merchandise, collectibles, clothing, and back magazines issues were available for purchase using in-issue order cards. The Playboy Channel (Guide), 21 pamphlet sized channel guides published from November 1986 through August/September 1988, which listed in guide format content playing on the then very popular cable channel (as TV Guide and local newspaper guides declined to include Playboy's content in their publications). Pocket Playmates, a 6 issue series that ran from 1995 to 1997 where each issue focused on playmates from a specific span of years (Vol #1 - 1989 to 1994, Vol #2 - 1983 to 1988, Vol #3 - 1977 to 1982, Vol #4 - 1971 to 1976, Vol #5 - 1965 to 1970, and Vol #5 - 1953 to 1964, 1995 to 1996).

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