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now the formal name for mosses alone, whereas "bryophyte" refers to the informal group of liverworts, mosses and hornworts. Mosses typically form dense green...

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Randy Moss

Randall Gene Moss (born February 13, 1977) is an American sports analyst and former professional football player. He played wide receiver for 14 seasons...

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Tara Moss

Moss was born in Victoria, British Columbia, where she also attended school. Moss's mother Janni died of multiple myeloma in 1990 at age 43. Moss began...

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Kate Moss

Katherine Ann Moss (born 16 January 1974) is an English supermodel and businesswoman. Arriving at the end of the "supermodel era", Moss rose to fame in...

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Moss lawn

Moss lawns are lawns composed of moss, which are grown as an alternative to grass lawns. They are a defining element in moss gardens. Mosses are squishy...

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Casey Moss

Casey Allen Moss (born November 16, 1993) is an American actor and singer. He is known for playing the role of JJ Deveraux on the NBC soap opera Days of...

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Santana Moss

Santana Terrell Moss (born June 1, 1979) is a former American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League (NFL) for fourteen seasons...

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Jon Moss

Jonathan Aubrey Moss (born 11 September 1957) is an English drummer, best known as a member of the 1980s new wave group Culture Club. He has also played...

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Murder of Emani Moss

Emani Gabrielle Moss (April 23, 2003-October 28, 2013) was an American ten-year-old girl who was starved to death by her stepmother in Lawrenceville, Georgia...

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Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss (born August 21, 1967) is a Canadian actress. Following early roles on television, she rose to international prominence for her role of...

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Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss OBE (17 September 1929 – 12 April 2020) was a British Formula One racing driver. An inductee into the International Motorsports...

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Ridge Forrester

premiere on March 23, 1987 and has been a regular fixture ever since. Ronn Moss played the role since the beginning, and was one of four remaining original...

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Hayden Moss

Hayden Garrett Moss (born May 27, 1986), is a reality TV personality from Mesa, Arizona. He was the winner of the reality TV show Big Brother 12. He subsequently...

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Moss Side

Moss Side is an inner-city area of Manchester, England, 1.9 miles (3.1 km) south of the city centre, It had a population of 18,902 at the 2011 census....

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Porter Moss

teams. Moss began to distinguish himself when on April 30, 1933, Moss struck out 15 batters in a game, but still lost the game. A week later, Moss again...

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Sinorice Moss

in the 100 meters. Moss was selected by the New York Giants with the 44th overall pick in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft out of the University...

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Brandon Moss

Brandon Douglas Moss (born September 16, 1983) is an American former professional baseball outfielder / first baseman / designated hitter (DH). He played...

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Gemma Ward

face of Calvin Klein's Obsession Night perfume billboards – bumping Kate Moss out of a job in the process. Ward was reportedly paid $1.3 million for the...

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Riddick Moss

2018. Riddick Moss is out of action with a torn Achilles tendon, which may mean about eight months or so out of action. "Riddick Moss Returns From Injury...

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Devin Booker

Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He attended Moss Point High School in Moss Point, Mississippi and played in the 2014 McDonald's All-American...

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Mosses are small, non-vascular flowerless plants in the taxonomic division Bryophyta (, ). Bryophyta is now the formal name for mosses alone, whereas "bryophyte" refers to the informal group of liverworts, mosses and hornworts. Mosses typically form dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. The individual plants are usually composed of simple leaves that are generally only one cell thick, attached to a stem that may be branched or unbranched and has only a limited role in conducting water and nutrients. Although some species have conducting tissues, these are generally poorly developed and structurally different from similar tissue found in vascular plants. Mosses do not have seeds and after fertilisation develop sporophytes with unbranched stalks topped with single capsules containing spores. They are typically 0.2–10 cm (0.1–3.9 in) tall, though some species are much larger. Dawsonia, the tallest moss in the world, can grow to 50 cm (20 in) in height. Mosses are commonly confused with liverworts, hornworts and lichens. Mosses were formerly grouped with the hornworts and liverworts as "non-vascular" plants in a division, all of them having the haploid gametophyte generation as the dominant phase of the life cycle. This contrasts with the pattern in all vascular plants (seed plants and pteridophytes), where the diploid sporophyte generation is dominant. Lichens may superficially resemble mosses, and sometimes have common names that include the word "moss" (e.g., "reindeer moss" or "Iceland moss"), but they are not related to mosses. There are approximately 12,000 species.The main commercial significance of mosses is as the main constituent of peat (mostly the genus Sphagnum), although they are also used for decorative purposes, such as in gardens and in the florist trade. Traditional uses of mosses included as insulation and for the ability to absorb liquids up to 20 times their weight.

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