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Taqueria Arandas

franchised Taquerias as well as 2 seafood restaurants and 4 Arandas bakeries." Moreno, Jenalia. "Taqueria Arandas founder's daughter, 24, is boss." Houston...

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Yreka, California

up but had been painted and stretched to dry in such a way that the word BAKERY, all but the B, showed through and was reversed. A stranger read it wrong...

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Sal Magluta

boys". Salvador Magluta was born into a Jewish Cuban family who owned a bakery in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida. He and Willy Falcon...

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Museo Rosenbach

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. If these other bands had named themselves after a bakery and a bank, the band thought it was reasonable to create a "Museum" dedicated...

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Marie Callender's

1948, they sold their family car and used the money to set up a wholesale bakery with their son Don. The first official location was opened in 1964. Eventually...

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Mexican breads

in Mexican homes; instead, Mexicans have bought their baked goods from bakeries (and street vendors) since the colonial period. Como pan caliente (like...

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Plaza Mayor, Madrid

in history. Its name originates from its original use of the main city bakery. In 1921 the farmhouse was reformed, and then again in 1935 by Fernando...

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Grupo Bimbo

exchange with the ticker BIMBO. Grupo Bimbo has 134,000 employees, 196 bakery plants, 3 million points of sale, a distribution network with 57 thousand...

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Ellis Island

Vol. 80. McClure, Phillips and Company. Retrieved June 4, 2019. Moreno 2004, p. 79. Moreno 2004, pp. 33–34. Unrau 1984a, pp. 84–85. "Immigration and Deportation...

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The Queen of Flow

is close to her parents and grandmother. She helps her parents in their bakery business. Yeimy also has a gift for writing catchy reggaeton rhymes and...

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Lee's Sandwiches

mainstream American consumers and inspiring several other Vietnamese-owned bakery chains. Lee's Sandwiches was founded by the Lê family, who owned a successful...

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Luis Garavito

alcoholism. Relocating to the town of Armenia, Garavito acquired a day job at a bakery before being fired as a result of provoking a fight with his co-workers;...

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Baby Bash

Chingo Bling and Danny Trejo. The comedy involves three cousins working in a bakery with dreams of making money and was released in 2010. His major-label debut...

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Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad

other products like khakhra (1974), masala (1976), vadi, wheat atta, and bakery products (1979). In the 1970s, Lijjat set up flour mills (1975), printing...

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Freddie (TV series)

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Freddie Moreno Brian Austin Green as Chris Jacqueline Obradors as Sofia Moreno Chloe Suazo as Zoey Moreno Mädchen Amick as Allison Jenny...

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Seidy López

in The Elian Gonzales Story, Gabriela in the self-titled film, and the bakery girl Cynthia Limon in the television series Resurrection Blvd. She once...

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Paul Ceglia

school called Calix Academy in Kibera, a slum of Nairobi. They built a bakery to help the school make an income, as well as functional toilets and classrooms...

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List of FBI episodes

15 Retired DEA agent Thomas Webber is gunned down right outside a local bakery. The FBI learns that he went on to work as a security guard at a nightclub...

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Chrissie Hynde

Brazil, for a couple of months in order to play with Brazilian musician Moreno Veloso in an informal tour that lasted until December 2004.[citation needed]...

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academic sources attribute the incident to ergot poisoning through a local bakery. The revelations about the CIA and the army prompted a number of subjects...

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Taqueria Arandas

Taqueria Arandas is a chain of Mexican restaurants in Greater Houston, Texas. The first location opened in Houston's Northside in 1981. The corporate headquarters is located in Houston.As of March 2014 the Taqueria Arandas chain makes $40 million per year. As of that month the chain has 44 taquerias, three Arandas Bakery, and one Ostionerias Arandas seafood restaurants.The menus show images of a church from his hometown in Mexico, and every restaurant has a photograph of Jesus Christ. These aspects reflect the religiousness of the founder.

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