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Calcium carbide

carbide is sold commercially as a mole repellent. When it comes into contact with water, the produced gas drives away the moles. https://materialsproject...

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Animal repellent

currency as a deer repellent. Fox urine is used to repel rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks, squirrels and chipmunks. Bobcat urine repels moles, mice, voles and...

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List of pest-repelling plants

and in households. Certain plants have shown effectiveness as topical repellents for haematophagous insects, such as the use of lemon eucalyptus in PMD...

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animals that shared the environment or interacted with moles were accidentally poisoned as well. Repellents, including sonic devices, holly leaves, moth balls...

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Marley's golden mole

urbanization. Marley's golden mole has a compact, streamlined body, a wedge-shaped head, pointed muzzle and sleek, moisture repellent fur. The upper parts are...

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Nuisance wildlife management

shelter. Using a repellent that changes the behavior of an animal may lead to a reduction or elimination of damage. Several available repellents, such as...

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is covered with minute, waxy cones, blunt spikes that create a water-repellent film. Rain rolls across the surface, removing dirt in the process. In...

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Chloropicrin's chemical formula is CCl3NO2 and its molecular weight is 164.38 grams/mole. Pure chloropicrin is a colorless liquid, with a boiling point of 112 °C...

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Banshee (TV series)

only by their unconvincingness); its story, littered with intriguingly repellent characters, like Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen), local evil tycoon, grows...

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National Army of Colombia

while the material used allows even for the application of mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites and a high percentage of the concentration of...

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Tree paint

for thousands of years, for many uses, including as a natural insect repellent and insecticide. Plants sprayed with diluted neem oil repel insects, and...

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on the upper surface, particularly the head, back, and tail, produce repellent or toxic secretions. Some salamander toxins are particularly potent. The...

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the AMS in the bloodstream, it is believed by some to act as a mosquito repellent, but no clinically reported evidence suggests it is actually effective...

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wasp Mischocyttarus drewseni coats the pedicel of its nest with an ant-repellent chemical. It is suggested that many tropical wasps may build their nests...

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List of beneficial weeds

as a natural ground cover in agriculture Caper spurge Euphorbia lathyris Moles Used in French folk medicine as an emetic and purgative Many domesticated...

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Penguin Classics

flavour and the foreign idiom that renders many existing translations repellent to modern taste". In 1964 Betty Radice and Robert Baldick succeeded Rieu...

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Amblysomus (also narrow-headed golden mole or South African golden mole) is a genus of the golden mole family, Chrysochloridae, comprising five species...

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Goop (company)

January 1, 2018. Carroll, Rory (September 22, 2017). "Sex Dust and vampire repellent: a stroll through Gwyneth Paltrow's new LA store". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077...

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Batman (TV series)

shark, the game over screen may tell the player to "use the bat shark repellent", a reference to the 1966 movie. In the Batman: Arkham Origins video game...

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List of To Love Ru episodes

Kyouko with clothes dissolving bomb that she had mistaken for a pervert repellent bomb. After torching the principal, Kyouko tells Run that she knows Run...

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Calcium carbide

Calcium carbide, also known as calcium acetylide, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula of CaC2. Its main use industrially is in the production of acetylene and calcium cyanamide.The pure material is colorless, however pieces of technical-grade calcium carbide are grey or brown and consist of about 80–85% of CaC2 (the rest is CaO (calcium oxide), Ca3P2 (calcium phosphide), CaS (calcium sulfide), Ca3N2 (calcium nitride), SiC (silicon carbide), etc.). In the presence of trace moisture, technical-grade calcium carbide emits an unpleasant odor reminiscent of garlic.Applications of calcium carbide include manufacture of acetylene gas, and for generation of acetylene in carbide lamps; manufacture of chemicals for fertilizer; and in steelmaking.

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