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Google mobile services

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a collection of proprietary applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) services from Google that are typically...

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Trusted service manager

with mobile network operators, phone manufacturers or other entities controlling the secure element on mobile phones. The trusted service manager enables...

Last Update: 2019-07-31T13:23:56Z Word Count : 196 Synonim Trusted service manager

Location-based service

based services include navigation software, social networking services, location-based advertising, and tracking systems. LBS can also include mobile commerce...

Last Update: 2022-07-28T04:05:24Z Word Count : 4463 Synonim Location-based service

Zelle (payment service)

States–based digital payments network owned by Early Warning Services, LLC, a private financial services company owned by the banks Bank of America, Truist, Capital...

Last Update: 2022-07-11T02:42:18Z Word Count : 2244 Synonim Zelle (payment service)

Password manager

password manager is a computer program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords for local applications and online services. A password...

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List of United States mobile virtual network operators

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States lease wireless telephone and data service from the three major cellular carriers in the...

Last Update: 2022-08-14T08:48:51Z Word Count : 9166 Synonim List of United States mobile virtual network operators

Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile LLC is an American developer and publisher of video games for mobile phones and tablet computers. Founded in San Francisco, California, in...

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T-Mobile US

T-Mobile US provides wireless voice and data services in the United States under the T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile brands (which it acquired via the purchase...

Last Update: 2022-08-10T03:55:02Z Word Count : 14255 Synonim T-Mobile US

Disney Mobile

Mobile is an American division of Disney Consumer Products, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, that designs mobile apps, content and services....

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Mobile network codes in ITU region 5xx (Oceania)

This list contains the mobile country codes and mobile network codes for networks with country codes between 500 and 599, inclusively – a region that...

Last Update: 2022-07-29T01:28:30Z Word Count : 1375 Synonim Mobile network codes in ITU region 5xx (Oceania)

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

as well as Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Configuration Manager has evolved since Microsoft originally released it...

Last Update: 2022-07-13T20:18:30Z Word Count : 1487 Synonim Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Microsoft Office

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device. Microsoft Teams is a platform...

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EA Mobile

that Barry Cottle will join EA Mobile as the new Senior Vice President and General Manager. In October 2010, EA Mobile announced the acquisition of UK...

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List of Google products

a list of products, services, and apps provided by Google. Active, soon-to-be discontinued, and discontinued products, services, tools, hardware, and...

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Over-the-air programming

settings with which to access services such as wireless access point (WAP) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). As mobile phones accumulate new applications...

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

customers across India. BSNL Mobile offers prepaid, postpaid services and value-added services such as Free Phone Service (FPH), India Telephone Card (Prepaid...

Last Update: 2022-08-12T10:42:32Z Word Count : 1722 Synonim Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited


Manager Arkin Net". InformationWeek. Retrieved 2020-06-23. "VMware to Acquire Wavefront to Accelerate Delivery of its Cross-Cloud Management Services"...

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Microsoft Intune

Intune), which is a part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, is a Microsoft cloud-based management tool for mobile devices that aims to provide unified endpoint...

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Microsoft Outlook

re-branded as Outlook Mobile—sharing its name with the Microsoft Outlook desktop personal information manager and Outlook.com email service. In January 2015...

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cellular mobile telecommunications systems and services, resale of fixed line and broadband services Optus Mobile Pty Limited – provision of mobile phone...

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Google mobile services

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a collection of proprietary applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) services from Google that are typically pre-installed on Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. GMS is not a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which means an Android manufacturer needs to obtain a license from Google in order to legally pre-install GMS on an Android device. This license is provided by Google without any license fees.

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