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National League

club using what were considered questionable means. Hulbert had a great vested interest in creating his own league, and after recruiting St. Louis privately...

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2021 in American television

" from Broadcasting & Cable, 3/10/2021 "Sharon Osbourne Apologizes For Heated Discussion on Talk Show". ET Online. March 12, 2021. White, Adam (March...

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Ulysses (novel)

and others to a pub, relating an anecdote on the way about 'two Dublin vestals'. The episode is broken into short segments by newspaper-style headlines...

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design, and milling. The plastic used to create a durable AFO must be heated to 400 °F (200 °C), making direct molding of the material on the end user...

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George Jones

Chet Atkins) "We're Gonna Hold On" (with Wynonna Judd) "Angel Band" (with Vestal Goodman) "White Lightning" (1959) "Tender Years" (1961) "She Thinks I Still...

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John C. Calhoun

device without relevance to the protection of dissent, designed to protect a vested interest of considerable power ... it was minority privileges rather than...

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Institutional racism

officers in his administration to do the same. The development created a vested interest in government officials for greater French involvement in Algeria...

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Saturation diving

(30.8 msw) in the County Emergency Hospital recompression facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their decompression lasted five hours leaving Nohl with a...

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Stork Club

the following year. The site is now the location of Paley Park, a small vest-pocket park. The Stork Club was owned and operated by Sherman Billingsley...

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Hillary Clinton

1994 bus tour to rally support for the plan, Clinton wore a bulletproof vest at times. Failing to gather enough support for a floor vote in either the...

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Chris Carpenter

7–3 win. On April 15, he signed a two-year extension through 2007 with a vesting option for 2008. He earned his first shutout in three years against the...

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Standard diving dress

there is no spitcock, there is an additional electrical connection for heated underwear, and on later versions a two or three-stage exhaust valve was...

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List of unidentified decedents in the United States

ascertained due to the state of the remains. She was wearing a black cowboy vest and a gray top, possibly with pink. Investigators were told that she was...

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2015 in American television

(November 14, 2015). "Paris Attacks: Suicide Bomber Wearing an Explosive Vest Was Blocked From Entering Stade de France Soccer Venue". The Wall Street...

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List of historical acts of tax resistance

nationale en direct". Actu17 (in French). 17 November 2018. "France's 'yellow vest' protesters block access to fuel depots". France 24. 19 November 2018. "Gilets...

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Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump

sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise the power vested by article 1, section 2, clause 5 of the Constitution in respect to acts...

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William Hayden English

that time, the simmering disagreement between the free and slave states heated up with the introduction of the Kansas–Nebraska Act, proposed by Illinois...

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April 1901

to wear their heavy uniform coats and vests, regardless of the weather. Under the new rule, "During the heated term postmasters may permit letter carriers...

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Electronic cigarette and e-cigarette liquid marketing

substantial part of the total advertising spending. E-cigarette businesses have a vested interest in maximizing the number of long-term product users. The entrance...

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Diving rebreather

there is no spitcock, there is an additional electrical connection for heated underwear, and on later versions a two or three-stage exhaust valve was...

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National League

The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, known simply as the National League (NL), is the older of two leagues constituting Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada, and the world's oldest extant professional team sports league. Founded on February 2, 1876, to replace the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NAPBBP) of 1871–1875 (often called simply the "National Association"), the NL is sometimes called the Senior Circuit, in contrast to MLB's other league, the American League, which was founded 25 years later and is called the "Junior Circuit". Both leagues currently have 15 teams. After two years of conflict in a "baseball war" of 1901–1902, the two eight-team leagues agreed in a "peace pact" to recognize each other as "major leagues", draft rules regarding player contracts, prohibiting "raiding", regulating relationships with minor leagues and lower level clubs, and with each establishing a team in the nation's largest metropolis of New York City, and the league champions of 1903 arranged to compete against each other in the new professional baseball championship tournament with the inaugural "World Series" that Fall of 1903, succeeding earlier similar national series in previous decades since the 1880s. After the 1904 champions failed to reach a similar agreement, the two leagues also formalized the new World Series tournament beginning in 1905 as an arrangement between the leagues themselves. National League teams have won 50 of the 115 World Series championships contested from 1903 to 2020.

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