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TradeStation Group, Inc. is the parent company of online securities and futures brokerage firms and trading technology companies. It is headquartered in...

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Royal African Company

Royal African Company (RAC) was an English trading company established in 1660 by the House of Stuart and City of London merchants to trade along the West...

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Diamond Trading Company

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) is the rough diamond sales and distribution arm of the De Beers Family of Companies. The DTC sorts, values and sells...

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Global Electronic Trading Company

The Global Electronic Trading Company (GETCO), or Getco LLC, is an American proprietary algorithmic trading and electronic market making firm based in...

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Muscovy Company

The Muscovy Company (also called the Russia Company or the Muscovy Trading Company; Russian: Московская компания, romanized: Moskovskaya kompaniya) was...

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West India Company

French West India Company (1664–1674), French trading company, with a monopoly on the slave trade from Senegal Swedish West India Company (1787–1805), Swedish...

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双日株式会社, Hepburn: Sōjitsu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a sogo shosha (general trading company) based in Tokyo, Japan. It is engaged in a wide range of businesses...

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Dutch East India Company

commonly known as the Dutch East India Company, was a chartered trading company and the first joint-stock company in the world. Established on 20 March...

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List of Dutch East India Company trading posts and settlements

The following were trading posts owned by the Dutch East India Company, presented in geographical sequence from west to east: Saint Helena Cape of Good...

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Hudson's Bay Company

The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC; French: Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson) is a Canadian retail business group. A fur trading business for much of its existence...

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East India Company

"Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East-Indies", the company rose to account for half of the world's trade during the mid-1700s...

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eToro is a social trading and multi-asset investment company that focuses on providing financial services. Its headquarters are located in Central Israel...

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French East India Company

and Dutch trading companies in the East Indies. Planned by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, it was chartered by King Louis XIV for the purpose of trading in the Eastern...

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The Topps Company, Inc. is an American company that manufactures trading cards and other collectibles. Formerly based in New York City, Topps is best known...

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control. The four main companies in the group are MUFG Bank (the largest bank in Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trading company), Mitsubishi Electric...

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Proprietary trading

non-proprietary trading, because it is felt that proprietary trading is riskier and results in more volatile profits. One of the main strategies of trading, traditionally...

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Robinhood Markets

is an American financial services company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. It operates an electronic trading platform that facilitates commission-free...

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providing online trading services in contracts for difference (CFDs), share dealing, futures trading and options on futures. The company has subsidiaries...

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Prop Limited, in December 2019. This company holds property leases and employs retail staff, the main trading company, Jessops Europe Limited, was not affected...

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Minerals Trading Corporation of India) is one of the two highest earners of foreign exchange for India and India's largest public sector trading body. Not...

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TradeStation Group, Inc. is the parent company of online securities and futures brokerage firms and trading technology companies. It is headquartered in Plantation, Florida, and has offices in New York; Chicago; Richardson, Texas; London; Sydney; and Costa Rica. TradeStation is best known for the technical analysis software and electronic trading platform it provides to active traders and certain institutional trader markets. TradeStation Group was a Nasdaq GS-listed company from 1997 to 2011, until it was acquired by Monex Group, a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed parent company of one of Japan's leading online securities brokerage firms.

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