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Leslie King

Leslie King is the name of: Gerald Ford (1913–2006), born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., 38th President of the United States of America Leslie Lynch King, Sr...

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Gerald Ford

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. (/ˈdʒɛrəld/ JERR-əld; born Leslie Lynch King Jr.; July 14, 1913 – December 26, 2006) was an American politician who served as...

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Leslie Lynch King Sr.

Leslie Lynch King Sr. (July 25, 1884 – February 18, 1941) was the biological father of U.S. President Gerald Ford. Because of his alcoholism and abusive...

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Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King may refer to: Leslie Lynch King Sr. (1884–1941), biological father of U.S. President Gerald Ford Leslie Lynch King Jr. (1913–2006), known...

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Leslie King-Hammond

Leslie King-Hammond (born 1944) is an American artist, curator and art historian who is the Founding Director of the Center for Race and Culture at the...

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John Leslie King

John Leslie King (born 22 August 1951) is a W.W. Bishop Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. His main works deal with computerization...

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Shane Leslie

John Randolph Leslie, 3rd Baronet (Irish: Sir Seaghán Leslaigh; 24 September 1885 – 14 August 1971), commonly known as Sir Shane Leslie, was an Irish-born...

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Nika King

Nika King is an American actress and comedian. She is best known for her role as Leslie Bennett on the HBO television series Euphoria (2019–present). After...

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Leslie King (footballer)

Leslie Catherine King (Leslie Moore) (born 13 November 1963) is a former association football player who represented the New Zealand women's national...

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Leslie D. King

Leslie D. King (born January 17, 1949) is a justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court. King graduated from Coleman High School in Greenville, Mississippi...

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Leslie King (cyclist)

Leslie King (6 March 1950 – 28 October 2009) was a Trinidadian cyclist. He competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics and the 1972 Summer Olympics. "Leslie...

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Leslie King (actor)

Leslie King (1876 - October 10, 1947) was an American stage and screen actor. He is best remembered for appearing as Jacques-forget-me-not in D. W. Griffith's...

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Rose Leslie

was Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat and a descendant of King Charles II. Through her mother, Leslie is a great-great-granddaughter of Frederick Weld, the...

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Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Lloyd Odom Jr. (/ˈoʊdəm/; born August 6, 1981) is an American actor and singer. He made his acting debut on Broadway in 1998 and first gained recognition...

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Anita Leslie

Theodosia Moira King (née Leslie; first married name Rodzianko; 21 November 1914 – 5 November 1985), generally known as Anita Leslie, was an Irish-born...

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Llewellyn Leslie King

Llewellyn Leslie King (April 8, 1909 – c. July 2000) was a Canadian politician. He served in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia from 1952 to...

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Leslie Nielsen

Leslie William Nielsen OC (11 February 1926 – 28 November 2010) was a Canadian actor and comedian. With a career spanning 60 years, he appeared in more...

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Dorothy Ayer Gardner Ford

businessman Charles Henry King and the former Martha Alicia Porter, both from Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Dorothy and Leslie King's son was born on July...

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Charles Henry King

sons and three daughters, two of them born in Chadron, Nebraska. King's son, Leslie, married Dorothy Ayer Gardner on September 7, 1912. They were married...

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Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard Steiner (3 April 1893 – 1 June 1943) was an English actor, director and producer. He wrote many stories and articles for The New York Times...

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Leslie King

Leslie King is the name of: Gerald Ford (1913–2006), born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., 38th President of the United States of America Leslie Lynch King, Sr. (1884–1941), biological father of Gerald Ford Leslie King (footballer) (born 1963), New Zealand women's footballer Leslie D. King (born 1949), Mississippi Supreme Court justice Leslie King (actor) (1876–1947), American actor in Orphans of the Storm, Alice in Wonderland Leslie King (cyclist) (1950–2009), Olympic cyclist for Trinidad and Tobago at the 1968 Summer Olympics Leslie King (sometimes credited as Leslie E. King), American actress and writer of the 1989 film To Die For and its sequel

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