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LaserDisc player

A LaserDisc player is a device designed to play video (analog) and audio (analog or digital) stored on LaserDisc. LaserDisc was the first optical disc...

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Interactive film

invention of laserdiscs and laserdisc players, the first nonlinear or random access video play devices. The fact that a laserdisc player could jump to...

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and Betamax videotape, LaserDisc never managed to gain widespread use in North America, largely due to high costs for the players and video titles themselves...

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List of Regular Show characters

Following their reign of terror, only one laserdisc and laserdisc player survived. After discovering the remaining laserdisc, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and...

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Astron Belt

Astron Belt (アストロンベルト) is a laserdisc video game in the form of a third-person, space combat rail shooter, released in arcades in 1983 by Sega in Japan...

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continuing to use the Norelco name. In the late 1970s, Philips developed LaserDisc technology, producing an optically read, 12 inch disc that would contain...

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Halcyon (console)

reached retailers because of a lack of affordable disc players. The design featured a LaserDisc player and attached computer, each the size of an early-model...

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BBC Domesday Project

"Turbo" co-processor - which controlled a Philips VP415 LaserVision laserdisc player. The user interface consisted of the BBC Master's keyboard and a trackball...

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a BBC Master computer connected via SCSI-1 to a Philips AIV VP415 Laserdisc player. A genlock enabled the software stored on the LV-ROM to display computer...

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List of years in home video

introduced in the United States. 1978 - Laserdisc player launched. MCA issues Universal Studios film library onto laserdisc, and later adds Warner Bros. and...

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Pioneer Corporation

industry-use Laserdisc player. June 1980: Introduces VP-1000 LD player for home use in the U.S. March 1981: Warner-Pioneer Corp. establishes the LaserDisc Corporation...

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chromophore in organic chemistry and polymeric nonlinear optics CLD player, a Laserdisc player with CD playback Color layout descriptor, a summary used in digital...

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CD Video

player. It also contains up to 5 minutes of LaserDisc video information with digital CD-quality sound, which can be played back on a newer LaserDisc player...

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background, set flats were made from the Styrofoam packing used to ship laserdisc players and 3/4" video decks. The first "VeeJay" was Jeff Michalski. The director...

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2002 in home video

home video. March 26 – In Japan, the Pioneer HLD-X9 becomes the final laserdisc player to be produced. US retailer Circuit City stops selling VHS tapes in...

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Full motion video

several titles. After only a few years, the technology had improved and Laserdisc players were more reliable. In addition, costs had come down and the average...

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Spy (Carly Simon album)

Pioneer Electronics to be part of their first demo disc for its then-new Laserdisc player. The title song was released as the second single from the album, and...

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in 1974. The laserdisc player, introduced in 1978, was the first successful consumer product to include a laser but the compact disc player was the first...

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NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

The company was founded in 1981 by Warner-Pioneer as LaserDisc Corporation, a LaserDisc player production company. In 1989, the company was renamed Pioneer...

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Polybius (urban legend)

of laserdisc players in arcade games) and often removed from arcades after a short time for the same reason. Many commentators believe that players claiming...

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LaserDisc player

A LaserDisc player is a device designed to play video (analog) and audio (analog or digital) stored on LaserDisc. LaserDisc was the first optical disc format marketed to consumers; it was introduced by MCA DiscoVision in 1978. From 1978 until 1984, all LaserDisc player models read discs by using a helium–neon laser. In 1984, Pioneer Corporation introduced the first consumer player with a solid-state laser diode. This model, the Pioneer LD-700, was also the first LaserDisc player with a front-loading disc bay instead of a top-loading one. Pioneer became the market leader in LaserDisc technology. In the 1990s, Pioneer and others produced a small number of a high-definition video player models, which employed multiple sub-Nyquist sampling encoding (MUSE) technology. In 1996, Pioneer distributed their first DVD player in Japan, a combination Laserdisc/DVD player, model DVL-9. Pioneer announced the end of LaserDisc player production in January 2009. The last models Pioneer produced were the DVL-919 (an LD/DVD player), CLD-R5 (an LD/CD player), DVK-900 (an LD/DVD karaoke system), and DVL-K88 (an LD/DVD karaoke player).

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