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Canoe and kayak diving

Canoe diving and Kayak diving are recreational diving where the divers paddle to a diving site in a canoe or kayak carrying all their gear in or on the...

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Kayak fishing

Kayak fishing is fishing from a kayak. The kayak has long been a means of transportation and a means of accessing fishing grounds. Kayak fishing has gained...

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Andrew McAuley

kayak on 10 February about 30 nmi (56 km) short of his destination, Milford Sound. The sleeping arrangements at sea involved deploying a drift anchor...

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Sea anchor

A sea anchor (also known as a parachute anchor, drift anchor, drift sock, para-anchor or boat brake) is a device that is streamed from a boat in heavy...

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Outline of canoeing and kayaking

the seemingly unfloatable float. Fishing kayakkayak equipped with after-market accessories such as anchor trolleys, rod holders, electronic fish-finders...

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The Reef: Stalked

Saskia Archer, Kate Lister, and Tim Ross and follows a group of friends kayaking in tropical waters who soon find themselves fighting for their lives against...

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secure by the anchor. The anchor will help boaters to stay in their current position on the water. The smallest boats and kayaks may simply be carried by...

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MS National Geographic Explorer

facilities, including a chart room, library, observation lounge, a fleet of 36 kayaks, a remote operated vehicle capable of diving to 1000 feet depth, a fleet...

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Edisto River

July 14, 2021. "Edisto River Canoe Kayak Trail - About". Retrieved May 8, 2012. "about us". Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Johnson, Captain Charles...

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Standup paddleboarding

displacement hull allows the board to glide and track similar to a canoe or kayak. Many other features were soon offered, including deck rigging to carry...

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Suwannee, Florida

surrounded by the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. There is a canoe/kayak trail into the refuge from launch sites in the town. Puterbaugh, Parke;...

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Chris McCandless

McCandless then headed to Colorado, where he used money from his job to buy kayak supplies as well as a handgun. He then navigated the Colorado River, without...

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Tina Fey

as a writer, later becoming head writer and a performer, appearing as co-anchor in the Weekend Update segment and, later, developing a satirical portrayal...

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Buoyancy aid

specialist form of personal flotation device (PFD) used most commonly by kayakers, canoeists, people practicing rafting, and dinghy sailors. They are designed...

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Roger Courtney

his idea of a folding kayak brigade would be effective. He decided to infiltrate HMS Glengyle, a Landing Ship, Infantry anchored in the River Clyde. Courtney...

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factories, camel riding on the beach, yoga retreats, paddle boarding and kayaking. There are several beaches north of Agadir, which all offer a good alternative...

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resembles a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite's moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat. The harness attaches the occupant to the parasail...

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Belle Isle Park (Michigan)

due to field conditions at Belle Isle. There are canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks available for rental located at the Flynn Pavilion. The James Scott Memorial...

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Mirabella V

lazarette stores a 29-foot (8.8 m) tender, Lasers, jet skis, ski boats, kayaks and three remote-controlled models of Mirabella V. The foredeck has two...

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List of United States tornadoes from April to May 2023

Nylon reinforced roller shades were torn off a large RV and two large kayaks were thrown, one of which was not located. A 400 pounds (180 kg) motorcycle...

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Canoe and kayak diving

Canoe diving and Kayak diving are recreational diving where the divers paddle to a diving site in a canoe or kayak carrying all their gear in or on the boat to the place they want to dive. Canoe or kayak diving gives the diver independence from dive boat operators, while allowing dives at sites which are too far to comfortably swim, but are sufficiently sheltered. The range can be up to several kilometres along the coastline from the launching point to a place where access would be difficult from the shore, although the sea is sheltered. It is a considerably cheaper alternative to using a powered boat, as well as combining the experience of sea kayaking or canoeing with scuba diving. Other advantages of canoe and kayak diving include: breathing gas is not needed for getting to and from the site, passage through a surf line can be easier on a kayak than on a wider boat, rip, tidal and longshore currents are easier to manage no engine is required - this is cheap, light and has a low environmental impact, the canoe or kayak can get to places that are inaccessible to larger boats,

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