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Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning is a brand of diecast model cars launched in 1969 by Topper Corporation (owner of the "Topper Toys" brand), similar to the hugely successful...

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Round 2 (company)

includes long-running model kit and diecast brands, including AMT, Hawk, Johnny Lightning, MPC, and Racing Champions. AMT, a long-running model kit brand first...

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Deluxe Reading

produced toys under several brand names including: Johnny Lightning (scale model cars, released in 1969), Johnny Seven OMA (toy weapon), Dawn doll, and Suzy...

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Ertl Company

and Johnny Lightning tooling 2012 - Round 2 LLC acquires full rights to AMT, MPC, Polar Lights tooling 2013 - Tomy discontinues Johnny Lightning brand...

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Rich Dodson

hits for the band such as "Wild Eyes" (1972), "Devil You" (1971), "Johnny Lightning" (1974) and "Carry Me" (1971). Dodson has stated that his influences...

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Matchbox (brand)

decidedly American. In 1969, a second competitor based in the US, Johnny Lightning, entered the market, and the bottom effectively fell out of Lesney's...

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Chip Foose

replicas of many of his famous designs partnering with the makers of Johnny Lightning in the creation of JL Full Throttle. This company produced copies of...

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Munster Koach

car during the series run. It has been reissued several times since. Johnny Lightning has also produced a 1/64th scale die-cast model of the car. An unauthorized...

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Lesney Products

Frog Greenlights Hasegawa Heller Herpa Hot Wheels Husky Italeri Jada Johnny Lightning Kenner Kyosho Lesney Lledo Maisto Majorette Matchbox Mebetoys Meccano...

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V.I.P. (American TV series)

2, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance in 2001 and 2002. In 2000, Johnny Lightning released two sets of V.I.P. themed diecast cars in 1/64 scale. There...

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Smokey and the Bandit

Scale model cars of the Pontiac Trans Am used in the film, by Johnny Lightning...

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1:64 scale

include Hot Wheels and Matchbox, Ertl, GreenLight, Auto World, Code 3, Johnny Lightning, and Jada Toys. Outside the USA, brands like Maisto, Siku, Norev, Corgi...

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Johnny Seven OMA

version. Deluxe Reading produced many memorable toys including the Johnny Lightning cars (similar to Mattel's Hot Wheels), the Crime Buster Gun (similar...

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The Stampeders

Choo" 9 2 — — — "Wild Eyes" 2 — — — — "Carryin' On" — 20 — — — 1973 "Johnny Lightning" 48 — — — — Rubes, Dudes & Rowdies "Oh My Lady" 12 2 — — 115 "Minstrel...

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are comparable in quality and details to Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning, but new models in this scale are not released very often. Even some...

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Fast & Furious

Champions by producing 1/24-scale plastic model kits in 2004, while Johnny Lightning, under the JL Full Throttle Brand, released 1/64 and 1/24 models of...

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General Lee (car)

General Lee model car by Playing Mantis' Johnny Lightning...

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Johnny Thunder

time on this day. As an infant, the blond-haired Johnny is given possession of the pink, lightning-haired genie-like "Thunderbolt" named Yz during a...

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second Bluesmobile, a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, was marketed by the Johnny Lightning model car brand. Yves Lavigne (1989). Hell's Angels: "Three Can Keep...

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List of model car brands

Jo-Han – American producer of plastic promotional models and kits. Johnny Lightning – Hot Wheels like cars whether made by early Topper or Playing Mantis...

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Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning is a brand of diecast model cars launched in 1969 by Topper Corporation (owner of the "Topper Toys" brand), similar to the hugely successful Mattel's Hot Wheels cars. Their claim to fame at that time was that they were extremely fast compared to other brands of die-cast cars. Their most important technology was to mold in a small hook under the front axle so that they could be propelled by a lever-driven catapult, far faster than could be obtained by either gravity, or battery powered "supercharger" devices. Al Unser Senior won the Indianapolis 500 in 1970 and 1971 in the "Johnny Lightning special". Topper closed in 1973 and production of Johnny Lightning cars ceased for 23 years. The company made a total of 47 different models. In 1994 Thomas Lowe of Cassopolis, Michigan became aware of the abandoned trademark and secured the rights to the Johnny Lightning name for his Playing Mantis toy company. He made replicas of his favorite 10 original Johnny Lightning cars. His first customers were Walmart and Toys R Us. Playing Mantis produced the toy cars under the Johnny Lightning brand name from 1994 to June 2004. Over 600 different models were produced over that time period. In 2004 Mr. Lowe sold Playing Mantis (including the Johnny Lightning brand) to RC2 Corporation, which in turn was bought by the Japanese toy company Tomy in 2011. Tomy discontinued the Johnny Lightning line of diecast cars in 2013. The brand continued to maintain a following by a loyal group of collectors. In early 2016 Round 2 LLC, a toy company owned by Thomas Lowe (who also owned Playing Mantis), revived and reintroduced Johnny Lightning vehicles to the toy market for a second time.

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