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Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael Leigh Cook (born October 4, 1979) is an American actress and model. She has starred in the films The Baby-Sitters Club (1995), She's All That (1999)...

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Independent music

Independent music (also commonly known as indie music, or simply indie) is music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries;...

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Indie pop

Indie pop (also typeset as indie-pop or indiepop) is a music genre and subculture that combines guitar pop with DIY ethic in opposition to the style and...

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Indie sleaze

Indie sleaze was a fashion aesthetic popular in the United States and United Kingdom from approximately 2006 to 2012. Often called equivalent to the hipster...

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Radnor and Lee

and Lee is American indie folk musical duo consisting of American actor, filmmaker, author, and musician Josh Radnor, and Ben Lee, Australian indie pop...

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Jenny Lee Lindberg

Jennifer Lee Lindberg (born July 30, 1981) is an American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, best known as the bassist of the indie rock band...

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Lee Je-hoon

Lee Je-hoon (born July 4, 1984) is a South Korean actor. He started his career in indie films, then went on to appear in commercial films like The Front...

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Karen O

Karen Lee Orzolek (born November 22, 1978) is a South Korean-born American singer, musician, and songwriter. She is the lead vocalist for the indie rock...

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How to Be Indie

How to Be Indie is a Canadian television sitcom that aired on YTV from 2009 to 2011 and Disney Channel until 2012. The main character is a 13-year-old...

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Stuart Murdoch (musician)

Stuart Lee Murdoch (born 25 August 1968) is a Scottish musician, writer and filmmaker, and the lead singer and songwriter for the indie pop band Belle...

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Humble Bundle

for other indie games, including IndieGala, Indie Royale and LittleBigBunch. PC Gamer named the Wolfire team as founders of the Humble Indie Bundle as...

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The Reytons

Reytons are an English indie-rock band from Rotherham. Band members include frontman Jonny Yerrell, lead guitarist Joe O'Brien, bass player Lee Holland and drummer...

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Twenty (film)

Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul. It was written and directed by Lee Byeong-heon, his second feature after the 2012 indie Cheer Up, Mr. Lee. Chi-ho...

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The Rose (band)

Do-joon (keyboard), Lee Ha-joon (drums), and Lee Jae-hyeong (bass). Prior to its debut with J&Star, the band had long been a popular indie group before making...

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is an American actress, producer, children's author, and activist. Known for her performances in film and television...

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Lee Remick

at the age of 55. Remick was the subject of "Lee Remick", the 1978 debut single by the Australian indie rock band The Go-Betweens. For some reason, songwriter...

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Grant-Lee Phillips

Grant-Lee Phillips (born Bryan G. Phillips; September 1, 1963) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He led the group Grant Lee Buffalo...

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Lee Na-young

Britpop band Rialto. But Lee rose to fame in 2002 with the critically acclaimed series Ruler of Your Own World. She played an indie rock musician who unexpectedly...

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Constance Wu

EastSiders. She won two Indie Series Awards, both for Best Ensemble - Drama in 2014 and 2016. She was also nominated for two Indie Series Awards, one for...

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Lee Min-jung

drama, Once Again. Lee began her career in playwright/filmmaker Jang Jin's stage plays, then appeared in the Christian-themed indie Pruning the Grapevine...

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Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael Leigh Cook (born October 4, 1979) is an American actress and model. She has starred in the films The Baby-Sitters Club (1995), She's All That (1999), and Josie and the Pussycats (2001), and in the television series Into the West and Perception. She is also the voice behind various characters in Robot Chicken and Tifa Lockhart in the Final Fantasy series, starting with the English version of the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

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