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Political positions of Donald Trump

quickly dismissed as an "idiot." Trump added: "Growing up no one knew him"—a claim ranked "Pants on Fire" by Politifact. Later, Trump appeared on The View...

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American Idiot (song)

sales of 400,000. In advance of Donald Trump's visit to the UK in July 2018, a campaign to get "American Idiot" to the top of the UK song charts was launched...

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An idiot, in modern use, is a stupid or foolish person. 'Idiot' was formerly a technical term in legal and psychiatric contexts for some kinds of profound...

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American Idiot

American Idiot is the seventh studio album by American rock band Green Day, released on September 21, 2004, by Reprise Records. The album was produced...

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Timeline of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

investigations into suspected inappropriate links between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials until July 2016, with July 2016 through election day...

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Steele dossier

Trump as an 'Asset' for 40 Years?". Snopes. Retrieved December 21, 2021. The Conversation (February 5, 2021). "Donald Trump: More Likely Useful Idiot...

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Attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election

won the 2020 United States presidential election, then-incumbent Donald Trump pursued an unprecedented effort to overturn the election, with support and...

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Skin in the Game (book)

criticized the negative response Trump received after the first presidential debate stating that "The Intellectual Yet Idiot class is so out of touch with...

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Fear: Trump in the White House

Staff John F. Kelly referred to Trump as an "idiot" and "unhinged", while Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Trump has the understanding of "a fifth...

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Andrew Schulz

two spinoffs), the Flagrant podcast with Akaash Singh, and The Brilliant Idiots podcast. Schulz's first Netflix special, Schulz Saves America, premiered...

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Rick Wilson (political consultant)

Retrieved October 28, 2016. "Rick Wilson: Donald Trump's Base Are Neo-Nazis and 'Frog Meme Idiots'". RealClearPolitics. Archived from the original on...

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Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton, boosting the candidacy of Donald Trump, and increasing political and social discord in the United States. According...

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Billie Joe Armstrong

List of guitarists Greene, Andy (March 27, 2017). "Green Day Talk Trump, 'American Idiot' Legacy, Band's Future". Rolling Stone. Egerdahl, Kjersti (2010)...

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Best Sex I've Ever Had

greatest thing". Donald and Ivana Trump's daughter, Ivanka, recalled in her 2009 book, The Trump Card, that "one idiot reporter" asked her if "Marla Maples's...

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Big lie

scale of the claims resulted in Trump supporters attacking the United States Capitol. Later reports indicate that Trump knew he had lost the election while...

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Green Day

American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, Record of the Year for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", and Best Musical Show Album for American Idiot: The Original...

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Republican reactions to Donald Trump's claims of 2020 election fraud

Republican Party have reacted differently to Republican President Donald Trump's false claims about the 2020 United States presidential election, with...

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Retrieved October 2, 2010. Pierce, Thomas (January 11, 2007). "So What Idiot Kept This Movie Out of Theaters? (3rd item)". NPR. Archived from the original...

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Matt Taibbi

contributing editor for Rolling Stone, author of several books, co-host of Useful Idiots, and publisher of a newsletter on Substack. Taibbi began as a freelance...

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Jenna Ellis

Em; McDermott, Nathan (November 19, 2020). "Trump's legal adviser Jenna Ellis in 2016 called him an 'idiot' and said his supporters didn't care about 'facts...

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Political positions of Donald Trump

The political positions of Donald Trump (sometimes referred to as Trumpism), the 45th president of the United States, have frequently changed. Trump is primarily a populist, protectionist, isolationist, and nationalist.

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