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Murder of Larry McNabney

September 12, from receiving the initial tranquilizer injection along with numerous later doses of other tranquilizer injections and mouth drops, it was estimated...

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Tranquil (disambiguation)

Look up tranquil in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Tranquil , is a calm state of mind. Tranquil' may also refer to: Tranquil (horse) (1920–1938), a...

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Riddick (film)

turns into an ambush as Dahl shoots Riddick with several rounds of horse tranquilizer, and Riddick's jackal-beast is shot and killed by Santana. At the...

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Tranquil (horse)

latter event. Tranquil ended the year with earnings of £20,707, making her the most financially successful horse of the season. Tranquil remained in training...

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List of Big Mouth episodes

Nick an anti-worm suppository for dogs (as he could not find any horse tranquilizer), and ultimately Nick is unable to participate in the mutual act,...

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Fight Club 2

Fight Club 2 (also known as Fight Club 2: The Tranquility Gambit) is Chuck Palahniuk's comic book meta-sequel to his 1996 novel Fight Club, with art by...

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Recreational drug use

Ketanest; "Ket", "Kit Kat", "Special-K", "Vitamin K", "Jet Fuel", "Horse Tranquilizer") methoxetamine (Mex, Mket, Mexi) phencyclidine (PCP; Sernyl; "Angel...

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Guerrero Correctional Institution

extensive report by the ACLU of Puerto Rico blamed the abuse of a horse tranquilizer, Xylazine, among inmates, and lack of appropriate medical attention...

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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is the sixth studio album by English rock band Arctic Monkeys, released on 11 May 2018 by Domino Recording Company. It...

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American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse, or Quarter Horse, is an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name is derived from its ability...

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Walkaloosa, Spanish Jennet Horse and Tiger horse Acetazolamide is not to be confused with acepromazine ("Ace"), a tranquilizer, which is illegal in all...

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Debbie Dingle

even though the plan nearly failed after Charity shot herself with a horse tranquilizer gun. The men get their money and return Sarah and Jack in a tense...

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Bamboo Harvester

thought the horse was in distress and administered a tranquilizer and for unknown reasons the horse died within hours. The remains were cremated and scattered...

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Show jumping horse killings

The Show jumping horse killings scandal refers to cases of insurance fraud in the United States in which expensive horses, many of them show jumpers, were...

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Horse management

("Ace") or similar tranquilizer pill, paste, or pre-filled injector Epinephrine (adrenaline) auto-injectors for emergency treatment of a horse that goes into...

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The Psychedelic Priest

be the single biggest 'downer' since rave culture rediscovered the horse tranquilizer". List of films related to the hippie subculture The film was made...

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Menorquín horse

its variations; horses of any other colour cannot be registered. Limited white markings are permitted. It is harmoniously made, tranquil and obedient, noble...

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Isabella Blow

by driving her car into the rear of a lorry, attempting to obtain horse tranquilizers, trying to drown herself in a lake and by overdosing while on a beach...

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Happy Hunting (film)

Warren seeks shelter with Steve and his wife Cheryl. Warren takes a horse tranquilizer he finds planted in Steve and Cheryl's bathroom to ease his withdrawal...

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White Horse Prophecy

The White Horse Prophecy is the popular name of an influential but disputed version of a statement on the future of the Latter Day Saints (popularly called...

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Murder of Larry McNabney

Larry McNabney (December 19, 1948 – September 12, 2001) was a Sacramento, California attorney whose body was found buried in a vineyard on February 5, 2002. After a nationwide manhunt, his wife, Elisa McNabney, was captured in Florida and arraigned for first-degree murder. The case made national headlines when police learned that her real name was actually Laren Sims, and that she had served time in a Florida prison for fraud and identity theft. Before Elisa could stand trial however, she hanged herself in her jail cell. Elisa's friend Sarah Dutra was later convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 11 years in prison for murdering Larry McNabney.Elisa McNabney (January 20, 1966 – March 31, 2002) was born Laren Renee Sims to parents Jesse and Jackie Sims in Attleboro, Massachusetts, before moving to Florida. Laren was a cheerleader and excellent student at Hernando High School; she had an IQ of 140. Despite her intelligence, she dropped out of high school, had two children with two different fathers, and started stealing. Laren was arrested for stealing a L'Oreal hair color kit from a Woolworth's in Tampa, Florida. After being released on that charge, she violated her probation by illegally using a credit card. She cut off her ankle monitor and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada with her daughter Haylei (born January 29, 1985).

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