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Liniment (from Latin: linere, meaning "to anoint"), or embrocation, is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. Sometimes called a...

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W.F. Young, Inc.

medical effectiveness remains disputed), originally formulated as a horse liniment, but later reformulated for humans and marketed as Absorbine Jr., which...

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Michael Malloy

antifreeze poisoning. Antifreeze was replaced with turpentine, followed by horse liniment, and finally rat poison was mixed in. After these mixtures failed to...

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business and manufactured his Elliman's Embrocation and Royal Embrocation horse liniment at factories in Wellington Street and Chandos Street. Elliman became...

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Earl Sloan

father's horse liniment, joined with his brother Foreman in St. Louis, Missouri, where Foreman was engaged in the buying and shipping of horses. This time...

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One Week (1920 film)

hot and cold showers and then treated the swelling with olive oil and horse liniment. The film is noted for a risqué (for its time) scene involving Seely's...

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Homer Davenport

with his admiration of a picture of an Arabian-type horse found on an empty can of horse liniment. He carefully cleaned the can and kept it as his "only...

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Horse management

groom to hose off the legs of a horse to remove dirt and to ease any minor inflammation to the tendons and ligaments. Liniment may also be applied as a preventative...

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Henri Pélissier

gums..." "Here," said Ville, tipping out the contents of his bag, "horse liniment to keep my knees warm. And pills? You want to see the pills?" They got...

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Mare Nostrum (1926 film)

reluctant to add the subtitle ‘Our Sea’...(Broadway wags called it ‘Horse Liniment’).” Brownlow, 2018 SFSFF: “...the picture did good business in New York...

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Medicine show

end of the show. Herb-O-Lac eventually gave way to a mentholated skin liniment, which Scott dubbed Snake Oil. For decades, the show toured arenas and...

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Patent medicine

peddlers in past centuries, who often also called them elixirs, tonics, or liniments. Current examples of quack remedies are sometimes called nostrums or panaceas...

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Hydrogel Murphy drip Nutrient enema Dermal Ointment Topical cream Topical gel Liniment Paste Film DMSO solution Electrophoretic system Hydrogel Liposomes Transfersome...

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List of Camp Lazlo characters

"Larry" Lemmingberg, Louis "Louie" Lemmingberg, Leonard Lemmingberg, and Liniment Lemmingberg are quadruplet brothers that are teal-colored and black-eyed...

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James Henry McLean

medicine, George A. Westbrook's "Mexican Mustang Liniment", which was touted as being for man, horse, and other beasts. In 1850 he moved to New Orleans...

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Hot walker

widely, but typically following a workout, a horse is hosed or sponged off to remove sweat and sometimes liniment is applied. While hot-walking, the handler...

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Muhammad Ali

fight with Foreman, a one-time member of Liston's entourage offered him a liniment that could be applied to boxing gloves and that would cause a blinding...

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Cutler and Porter Block

remodeled the premises to accommodate its business, the production of horse liniments, and made changes to the facade, integrating its logo into the brickwork...

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Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher

Wellington's Anglo-allied armies together. After bathing his wounds in a liniment of rhubarb and garlic, and fortified by a liberal internal dose of schnapps...

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lasts until ten or ten-thirty. Then we do them up. We put all kinds of liniments and poultices on them and put bandages on them. We feed about eleven a...

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Liniment (from Latin: linere, meaning "to anoint"), or embrocation, is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. Sometimes called a heat rub, a liniment may have viscosity similar to that of water, or may be formulated as a lotion or balm and are usually rubbed on skin to allow penetration of the active ingredients. Patches, sticks, and sprays are also available. Liniments are typically sold to relieve pain and stiffness, such as from sore muscular aches and strains, or arthritis. These are typically formulated from alcohol, acetone, or similar quickly evaporating solvents and contain counterirritant aromatic chemical compounds such as methyl salicilate, benzoin resin, menthol, or capsaicin. They produce a feeling of warmth within the muscle of the area they are applied to, typically acting as rubefacients via a counterirritant effect. Methyl salicylate, which is the active analgesic ingredient in some heat-rub products, can be toxic if used in excess. Heating pads are also not recommended for use with heat rubs, as the added warmth may cause overabsorption of the active ingredients.

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