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Junk Raiders 1

lockers, and an old desk that they intend to repurpose as their bathroom vanity. For the bathroom tiles, Anthony and Ross grab tiles from a warehouse where...

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Angel Heart

hospital records). While hearing Krusemark's story, Harry runs into the bathroom, vomits and continually asks the identity of the soldier. He returns to...

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El Paso, Texas

35-acre (14 ha) facility housing 220 species. Magoffin Home State Historic Site Plaza Hotel Union Depot El Paso High School University of Texas at El Paso...

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Flight 17) Potato Salad Kickstarter Gamergate controversy The Chase Bank, Home Depot, and Sony data breaches Tracy Morgan's traffic accident and subsequent...

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Port Authority Bus Terminal

public private partnership, and in 2011 it delayed construction of a bus depot annex, citing budgetary constraints. In June 2013, it commissioned an 18-month...

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Criticism of Amazon

constraints that forced them to drive at dangerous speeds and skip meals and bathroom breaks. Amazon uses Netradyne artificial intelligence cameras in some partner...

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List of films: U–W

Police (1984) Vanity: (1927, 1935, 1947 & 2015) Vanity Fair: (1915, 1922, 1923, 1932 & 2004) The Vanity Pool (1918) The Vanity Serum (2004) Vanity's Price (1924)...

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List of Halloween (franchise) characters

bribing Laurie. The podcasters stop at a gas station, where Dana goes to the bathroom. Aaron discovers a dead mechanic and attempts to rescue Dana from Michael...

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1970 in music

"Hi-De-Ho" – Blood, Sweat & Tears "Hitchin' a Ride" – Vanity Fare "Holly Holy" – Neil Diamond "Home Lovin' Man" – Andy Williams "Honey Come Back" – Glen...

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Glossary of French expressions in English

"then"). Can refer, in particular, to hotel rooms with attached private bathroom, especially in Britain where hotels without private facilities are more...

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List of This Old House episodes (seasons 21–30)

This Old House is an American home improvement media brand with television shows, a magazine and a website, ThisOldHouse.com. The brand is headquartered...

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Junk Raiders 1

The first season of Junk Raiders is Canadian reality television series that aired in 2009 on The Discovery Channel and ION Life. The series follows the titular Junk Raiders, a team of seven professionals as they attempt to renovate an old steel factory in downtown Toronto and turn it into a high-end loft in one month with only a C$5500 budget. Because of the extremely limited budget (quoted at $300,000 if done conventionally), many of the materials needed must be found by freecycling: finding something unwanted for free and reusing it. For the production of the series, the team had commissioned a "junk hot-line", urging Torontonians to donate any garbage that they could use. In addition, as looking through other peoples' trash is illegal in Toronto, the show also has a special exemption that allows the team to do just that.

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