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List of group-0 ISBN publisher codes

Catholic Bishops Ottawa, ON, Canada 89024 Kalmbach Publishing Company Waukesha, Wisconsin, US 89029 Morningside House Dayton, OH, USA 89093 University...

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June 1915

Paul, American musician, inventor of the solid body electric guitar, in Waukesha, Wisconsin (d. 2009) Francisco Lagos Cházaro became acting president of...

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Pleasure Point, California

Bonanza Beach LOTS $5 down, $5 mo. 75–90 ft. Free water to lot, golden Waukesha mineral water. Free beach, 2,000 ft (610 m). long. Free camping. Rodeo...

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Edward S. Bragg

Wisconsin. p. 252. Retrieved July 16, 2020. "Delaney Won, at Waukesha". Wisconsin State Journal. Waukesha, Wisconsin. September 14, 1886. p. 1. Retrieved July...

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List of group-0 ISBN publisher codes

A list of publisher codes for (978) International Standard Book Numbers with a group code of zero.

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