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to the hair. Hair dryer diffusers can be used to widen the stream of air flow so it is weaker but covers a larger area of the hair. Hair dryers can also...

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Hot comb

had a "shampoo dryer and hair straightening comb," said to have been patented on April 1, 1914. U.S. Patent 1,096,666 for a heated "hair drying" comb –...

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Fuse (electrical)

mechanism to break the circuit. The device can be used to prevent a fire in a hair dryer for example, by cutting off the power supply to the heater elements when...

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Morphy Richards

toasters, hair dryers, bread makers, kettles and sandwich toasters and other appliances. In its early stage it also made refrigerators and washer-dryers, but...

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addition to the product range, as were torches and battery lanterns. Hair dryers, shavers, fans and electric blankets soon followed. Expansion in the...

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Dumb Ways to Die

for children and teenagers comic format. The lines such as "Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place" and "I wonder what's this red button do?" contain an...

Last Update: 2023-11-28T13:20:35Z Word Count : 3462 Synonim Dumb Ways to Die

Wiley mill

Wiley mill was originally designed for grinding fertilizer materials, animal hair, hoofs and other materials. The hard, tool steel cutting edges of the knives...

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Automobile auxiliary power outlet

amperes, which amounts from 120 to 240 watts. Large appliances such as hair dryers or toasters draw too much power to be fed from an auxiliary power socket...

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Steve Harvey's Funderdome

"Episode 106" June 18, 2017 (2017-06-18) 5.12 Inventions: The Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer, a drying system for wet dogs vs. Catzenpup; 'Tri Bow Tie vs Dome Essentials...

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Face shield

Heaters Dryers Alcohol burner Bunsen burner Desiccator Heating mantle Hot plate Lab oven Kiln Meker–Fisher burner Striker Teclu burner Water bath Vacuum...

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Invisible ink

visible by heating the paper, either on a radiator, by ironing it, using a hair dryer, or by placing it in an oven. A 100-watt light bulb is less likely to...

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Friday (Rebecca Black song)

me of 'Saturday Night'... It's what we call a 'hair-dryer song,' a song girls sing into their hair dryers as they're getting ready to go out. But the fact...

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List of countries by electronics exports

electro-thermic hairdressing apparatus, e.g. hairdryers, hair curlers and curling tong heaters, and hand dryers; electric smoothing irons; other electro-thermic...

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Metal Ware Corporation

under the Empire name such as electric corn poppers and Lady Aristette hair dryers. A major change came to the company in March 1960 with the passing of...

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Procter & Gamble

from the original on October 10, 2019. Retrieved October 10, 2019. "Bounce Dryer Sheets" (PDF). Procter & Gamble. Archived (PDF) from the original on December...

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List of Dragons' Den (British TV programme) offers Series 1-10

December 2007 Matthew White Infra-red hand dryer 100,000 N/A Hand-dryer using infra-red heat Infra-Red Handy Dryer's pitch failed due to the dragons citing...

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Locomotor effects of shoes Runner's toe, injury from malfitting shoes Shoe dryer Shoe rack Shoe tossing Trousers Shoe fetish Hoskins, Tansy E. (2020-03-21)...

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List of Jacob Two-Two (TV series) episodes

a matching pair of socks, Jacob investigates the inner workings of the dryer and discovers that it is actually a portal to a parallel universe. A universe...

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The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Mitchell Brook Primary School made an appearance acting out the infamous "hair-dryer treatment" done by Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to David Beckham...

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Creative Juice

Rosemary Heating Pad, Fizzing Rose Petals, Herbal Tea Soaps & Lavender Dryer Pillows DCRJ-107L Dogs Rock March 20, 2006 1 Animal Tags, Dog Biscuits,...

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"Shulchan Arukh, Even HaEzer 115:4". www.sefaria.org. Retrieved 28 November 2023. A hairstyle, hairdo, haircut or coiffure refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human head but sometimes on the face or body. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles. The oldest known depiction of hair styling is hair braiding which dates back about 30,000 years. Women's hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways, though it was also often kept covered outside the home, especially for married women.

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