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A hackamore is a type of animal headgear which does not have a bit. Instead, it has a special type of noseband that works on pressure points on the face...

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Mechanical hackamore

curb chain. Other names include "hackamore bit", "brockamore", "English hackamore", "nose bridle" and "German hackamore". Certain designs have been called...

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Headgear without a bit that uses a noseband to control a horse is called a hackamore, or, in some areas, a bitless bridle. There are many different designs...

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Bitless bridle

control may also be via a noseband or cavesson, if one is used. The term hackamore is the most historically accurate word for most common forms of bitless...

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Hackamore (disambiguation)

Hackamore can refer to: The classic hackamore (Spanish: jaquima) of the vaquero tradition, featuring a bosal noseband The mechanical hackamore Any one...

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Horse tack

bit are known as bitless bridles. The word "hackamore" is derived from the Spanish word jáquima. Hackamores are seen in western riding disciplines, as...

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used in the USA is the leading rein of the mecate of the classic bosal hackamore. Types of reins include: Closed reins, or loop reins: reins that are either...

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(/boʊˈsɑːl/, /boʊˈsæl/, or /ˈboʊsəl/) is a type of noseband used on the classic hackamore of the vaquero tradition. It is usually made of braided rawhide and is...

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shorter stirrup, solid-treed saddle and use of spurs, the heavy noseband or hackamore, (Arabic: شَکيمة‎ šakīma, Spanish jaquima) and other horse-related equipment...

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when a horse is ridden with a snaffle bit or a bosal hackamore. However, snaffles and hackamores ridden with both hands are usually limited only to special...

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Hackamore, California

Hackamore (formerly, Jaquina) is an unincorporated community in Modoc County, California. It is located on the Southern Pacific Railroad 30 miles (48 km)...

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Bit (horse)

that exert control with a noseband rather than a bit are usually called hackamores, though the term "bitless bridle" has become a popular colloquialism in...

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Fiador knot

items such as rope halters, hobbles, and components of the fiador on some hackamore designs. As traditionally described, it is a four strand diamond knot...

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Ian McDiarmid

Shakespeare Theater. He portrayed Harry Hackamore in Sam Shepard's play Seduced. McDiarmid described Hackamore as a Howard Hughes-type character. To play...

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Spade bit (horse)

head. Traditionally, the vaquero method starts a young horse using a hackamore, which is headgear with no bit that uses a heavy rawhide noseband, called...

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Bits, bridles and hackamores...

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animals, and their history is not as well studied as that of the bridle or hackamore. The word "halter" derives from the Germanic words meaning "that by which...

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more like a drop noseband (crossunder or indian hackamore style) while others support a metal 'hackamore' piece. There is a correlation between the sensitivity...

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shorter stirrup, solid-treed saddle and use of spurs, the heavy noseband or hackamore, (Arabic šakīma, Spanish jaquima) and other horse-related equipment and...

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Fiador (tack)

A fiador (/ˈfiːədɔːr/) term of Spanish colonial origin referring to a hackamore component used principally in the Americas. In English-speaking North...

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A hackamore is a type of animal headgear which does not have a bit. Instead, it has a special type of noseband that works on pressure points on the face, nose, and chin. It is most commonly associated with certain styles of riding horses. A hackamore is also described as a piece of equestrian equipment used on horses who do not work well with a metal bit in their mouth. The hackamore or bitless bridle is a halter type contraption that sends signals to the horse in ways other than a metal bit in the horse's mouth. The term hackamore is being used to sum up three main types of bitless bridles. There is a bosal hackamore, a mechanical hackamore, and a side pull, all of which use different types of pressure other than mouth pressure to guide the horse. The hackamores intended purpose is not to harm the horse in training, but that may sometimes be unavoidable depending on the nature of the horse and the person riding. Hackamores are most often seen in western riding and other styles of riding derived from Spanish traditions, and are occasionally seen in some English riding disciplines such as show jumping and the stadium phase of eventing. Various hackamore designs are also popular for endurance riding. While usually used to start young horses, they are often seen on mature horses with dental issues that make bit use painful, and on horses with mouth or tongue injuries that would be aggravated by a bit. Some riders also like to use them in the winter to avoid putting a frozen metal bit into a horse's mouth. There are many styles, but the classic hackamore is a design featuring a bosal noseband, and sometimes itself called a "bosal" or a "bosal hackamore". It has a long rope rein called a mecate and may also add a type of stabilizing throatlatch called a fiador, which is held to the hackamore by a browband. Other designs with heavy nosebands are also called hackamores, though some bitless designs with lighter weight nosebands that work off tension rather than weight are also called bitless bridles. A noseband with shanks and a curb chain to add leverage is called a mechanical hackamore, but is not considered a true hackamore. A simple leather noseband, or cavesson, is not a hackamore; a noseband is generally used in conjunction with a bit and bridle. Like a bit, a hackamore can be gentle or harsh, depending on the hands of the rider. The horse's face is very soft and sensitive with many nerve endings. Misuse of a hackamore can not only cause pain and swelling on the nose and jaw, but improper fitting combined with rough use can cause damage to the cartilage on the horse's nose.

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